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Why I Changed my Mind? is This a Good Choice?

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3 months ago

My plan before my Mind changed:

Before, i plan to buy a new phone in December. Actually, i save $5 every week until December for my cellphone. I saving $5 so there's money left in my wallet when i withdraw a money for my phone. I didn't change my mind even my parents said that buy a new phone now because I want to buy in December.


9:00 am - I post a question if i buy now or later because my mother and sister said that why i didn't buy a cellphone now?

My mother and sister said that buy a new phone now because my brother and I are fighting in his cellphone.

Pero pag nag buy ako ngayon, kaunti nalang matitira.

What do you think? Buy now or just wait for a few months?

-My post in

10:00 am - after my Google meet in my class, i decided to buy a new phone in July 7. I also post this in my account.

I think, ngayon nalang ako bibili ng cellphone haha. Kasi sinabi ni mama na bili nalang ako ngayon para di na mag hintay sa December at di na lagi kami ni kuya mag-away sa cellphone nya. Tuloy na isip ko din na bumili nalang ngayon haha.

Sa lazada o shopee nalang ako bibili para may malaki discount sa 7.7 sale. Pero sa official store nila ako oorder at cash on delivery.

Hihintayin ko muna tumaas si bch ng kaunti tsaka ko i withdraw. Sana tama decision ko😭😭.

Ano sa tingin nyo?

My post in my account

Why i changed my mind?

Actually, i didn't think about it and i want to buy a new phone in December as my special gift from Christmas.

But this morning, our family talk each other:

My sister: didn't want to but a new phone? You have money to buy a phone.

My mother : Yeah, buy a new phone now so you didn't need to fight for cellphone.

Me : But I want to buy in December.

My mother: okay, it's your choice.

So that's the reason why I'm thinking to buy this month. I always thinking if I buy now or just in a few months. Then i decided to buy now.

The reason why my mind change?

  1. The number reason is because of my mother and sister. They said that buy a new phone now so i decided to buy now.

  2. Because of my brother too. We always fighting who will used his cellphone. Sometimes when he want to used his cellphone and I'm also using his phone, we are fighting.

  3. So in the next school year, i have a new phone for my online classes because in the next school year, there's no face to face again and we just meet in online.

Where and when?

In shopee or lazada - I want to buy online so there's a big discount when there's sales. I can save $20+ when i buy online because if i buy in mall, there's no many sales. I also can't go outside because the children are didn't allow to go outside. When i also buy in mall, there's just a few cellphone store there. unlike in online, i can buy the brand that i want. I will buy in the official store of that brand so it's legit. I also look at the ratings of the other people who buy it so i will know if that store is legit or scam. I also pick "cash on delivery".

In July 7,2021 - i pick this day because this is the time that there's many discount. Many cellphone are on sales that the specs is good. There's also free shipping when they have a sale.

I hope there's no damages when my order in online and i will recieve the item that i ordered. I also hope that i can used it for a long time so my money for my cellphone is worth it.

In my 1 month and 1 week of setting a goal for my cellphone, i save a total of $23+. Actually it's $25 but the price is not stable so it's turn to $23+.

So now, i will stop my goals to send $5 every week in this wallet because i will buy a new phone now

I hope my decision is good. What do you think? This is a good choice or not?

That's it. Thanks for reading and thanks for your time to read my article. 💚💚

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Written by   114
3 months ago
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Bili ka nalang sis ng bagong Cellphone 😊 para hindi kayo nag aaway. May naipon ka naman na kaya bili ka nalang para wala ng problema hehe

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3 months ago

Oo maganda yan bumili ka nalang cellphone mo para di na kayo nag aaway tsaka magagamit mo din naman yan for future purposes isa pa baka di na makakachat ng kuya mo girlfriend niya sige 😂 HAHAHA tsaka mahirap din kasi yung naghihiraman nalang kayo palagi. ☺️

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3 months ago

Haha grabe, bata pa din kuya ko. Wala pang 18 years old🤣. At tsaka iniisip nun lagi computer haha

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3 months ago

good decision..para di na kayo mag away nang kuya mo..hehe..

God Bless!

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3 months ago