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i discovered like sharable link in all you need is to have coinex app and an account there.

Red packet

  • Red pocket is a sharing tools provided by CoinEx. You can also invite a friend by sharing it. Using red pocket, you can also invite user.

How to send a red pocket?

  • If you want to try this feature, just follow my instructions but you need to download the app if you don't have and register. (If you want to register in my refferal click here 🤗 or use my code: b7nfh . If you want)


First go in the home page of the app and click the red pocket.


1. Red pocket type : pick a type that you want. There's 2 option: random red pocket or identical red pocket.

  • Random red pocket- is random amount for each one. So if you give it to 3 user and you give a 5 cet, 1 user can receive small amount or high amount.

  • Identical red pocket- fix amount for each one. So if you give to 3 people and you give 5 for each 1, you need to pay 15 cet.

2. Red pocket coins : you can pick a coins that you want to give to others. You can pick usdt,BCH, Cet and more. If you pick a coins that you want to give, only coins have balance will appear so if you want to give usdt but you don't have usdt, you can't see the usdt in the option.

3. amount: type the amount that you want to give.(Note: If you pick identical red pocket in the number 1, and you put in the amount is 5 cet and you give it to 2 people you need to pay 10 cet.)

4. Red pocket quantity : if you wat to give a red pocket to many user, just put how many user can receive this pocket.

5. Best wishes : choose a wishes that you want in their list.

6. add coins ito red pocket: if you done to fill up all, click this to generate the red pocket.


CoinEx will send you a code in your registered number for your security.


After you put the verification code, you also need to reconfirm it in your email address. After you confirm it, click refresh button.


And done, you can share the QR code or share the link of your red pocket.

How to receive red pocket?

If someone give you a red pocket, you can claim it. Just follow my instructions.

1st: If someone give you a pocket link, paste it in the url then enter.


Then, enter the email of your CoinEx then click [open] after you put the email address, the amount will be added to your account.

That's it

Want to try to receive a red pocket? Click here you will receive 2 cet each for the first 5 user who claim it. Another one

Thanks for reading

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