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Many people do this too. That they dip the mangoes in a soy sauce with a sugar if they don't have a bagoong. But me, is not like the other doing when my mangoes is so sour.

When mangoes is so sour, I can't eat it because my body will shaking when i eat it. So i have an idea how to remove the sour.

But before i said it, let me tell you a story

Our pastor in our church have a mango tree before. When it mango season, they harvest the mangoes. But they can't eat it all because it's so many. They didn't want to sell there mangoes too, so they give it our church members.

Our pastor give our family 1 sack of mangoes. Many of the mangoes is so sour, so we didn't eat it and just it the ripe mangoes. We dip it in a soy sauce with many sugar because we don't have bagoong that time.

We already ate all the ripe mangoes so all the mangoes are in the sack is sour. So no choice, we need to eat the sour Mangoes. When we eat the sour Mangoes our face is like this : 🥴😖. Then i said to my brother, what if we used the vegetable peeler? Because if you used it, the slice is so thin. So it will lesser the sour.

I try it and the result is good😍. We put it in a bowl and add some soy sauce and put many sugar. Mix it well and eat it. My mother like my idea because her teeth in the front is already gone so it's easily for her when she a small slice🤣, so she do it too. But if you eat many slice, you taste the sour of the mangoes. So i have an idea again.

What if i will put the mangoes in the water to remove the sourness. Like when you get the coconut milk in the coconut. My brother like my idea so he help me. We do it again and again until the mangoes is not sour. My family don't want to eat our Mangoes because they said YUCK and EWWW 🤣🤣. So me and my brother just eat our Mangoes.

We remove the water and put it in a bowl. Then add some soy sauce and sugar. Mix, mix mix and eat. But when you eat it, the sugar is not melted yet. It's just melted when you already eat all the mangoes.

So what if i will cook it so the sugar will melted easily. All my family didn't like my idea so i just do it at my own. I put the mango first then put sugar and soy sauce. Just wait a minute and it's done.

I just only eat my mangoes because my family do not want to eat my own recipe. They said "kadiri" because "parang kaning baboy na daw" 🤣. But for me, the taste is so good. Actually, i like it so much. I don't know why they didn't what to eat it🤔.

Did you already try this too or not yet? If not yet, try it. You will be amazed when you eat it🤣 Do you think it's yuck? Share your opinion below🤣

Thanks for reading my non sense article 🤣

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