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3 years ago
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I have a routine but sometimes i didn't follow. I didn't remember my routine 😅. Sometimes i can follow it but sometimes not.

This is my routine

  • In 1 day, i have many things that need to do. Like assignment/homework and many more.

1. Pray

  • Of course, we need to pray when you woke up early. But sometimes, i didn't remember to pray. When i woke up, sometimes i watch TV😅 so i didn't remember to pray.

2. Watching TV

  • After i woke up, i open the Television then watching tv. I have 1 k-drama that I watch every morning 😅. So i always open the TV early but if i woke up late, that's no problem 😂😂 because there's replay in the afternoon Lol😁.

3. Eat a breakfast

  • While watching TV, i eating breakfast. Buy before i eat a breakfast, i drink warm water. I drink warm water because my mom said that i need to drink it for me too. When i done drink warm water, i will wait 30-45 minutes before eating.

4. Take a bath

  • Yup, i take a bath early because i have online classes early. But sometimes i didn't take a bath 😅😬 because it's cold.

5. Online class

  • I have online classes every morning. Sometimes we don't have a classes but sometimes we have. Sometimes my classes are suspended 😂 so i have time to write an article 😅.

6. eat a lunch

  • After my online classes, i eat a lunch. If i have online classes, the end of my google meet is maybe 11:00 am so, after that i eat a lunch.

7. Watching TV again

  • Yup, i watching TV again. As i said before if I'm late woke up, the k-drama that i watched have a replay. So after eating lunch, i will wait 12:00 pm Because the start is 12:00pm. But when i watch the movie in morning, i also watch the movie in 12:00pm😅.

8. Online class again 😒

  • Yup, we have online classes again. After i watch television, we have online classes. Sometimes we don't have an online classes because we have homework that need to finish but sometimes we have online classes.

8. Watching TV again

  • Yes, i will watch TV again. Haha. After online classes i watching TV. But while watching TV of course I'm using cellphone. While watching TV, i writing an article or sometimes using

9. Using cellphone

  • After watching TV, i will use cellphone. But sometimes i help my mom in the store. My mother have a store so if i have a costumer, i will help my mom.

10. Eating dinner

  • I always eat a dinner in 7:00 pm. Sometimes i eat 8:00 if I'm busy😅.

11. Doing my homework

  • Yes, i always do my homework in night because I'm not busy in that time. After eating, i will go in the table and start answering my homework. Sometimes i will stop my assignment in 10:00 or sometimes 9:00 pm

12. Go to bed

  • After answering, that is the time to sleep. But before i sleep i will brush my teeth and pray before i sleep.

And when i woke up again, my routine has started again and again. That my routine. That's the thing that i always do every day. Eating, sleep eating sleep.

But sometimes this routine didn't happen because sometimes i will go outside.

Note: all the pictures are not mine. Credits to the owner

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3 years ago
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