My goals this month of JUNE

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2 years ago

Last month, I'm not really active here. I don't know why i don't always have a mood in writing. I think I'm being lazy now because I'm just always sleep when i have a sick ,so I'm become lazy. Lol. When i want to write, I'm always said to my self that maybe tommorow i will write haha until 2 weeks past🤣. So now, i want to set a goals again so i have a motivation to write again.

Sorry for not being active here✌️

My earnings in the month of MAY

I just earn a little in the month of May because i have a sick in that month so i didn't earn that time. I just recovered when the month will end. some of my earnings are already withdraw too because of my family financial problem and for me also because i have a sick. I just earn that in noise for 6 days i think, but i thankful that atleast i earn $20🥰🥰.

My goal

In this month of JUNE, i want to set a goal because last month it's failed. This month, "i can reach my goal" just be positive and i will achieve it🥰.

  • To earn a total of $100 for this month

  • Send $5 every week

  • Send $5 every week for my cellphone

Send $5 a week

This $5 every week is for my family. My parents want to add a second floor in our house in the end of the year so i want to help them. My parents also want to repair our roof because there's many hole, so when it's rainy season we can't sleep because there's a rain in our house 🤣. I want to give at least $100 in the end of the year.

So if i save $5 every week and in 1 month there's 4 weeks. I can have $120 in the end of the year if my goals Achieved.

Send $5 a week for my cellphone

I want to buy a cellphone but I don't want to withdraw all my money because i want to hodl some. So, i want to save $5 a week until December. So that i can buy a phone and i also have a hodl.

If i can save $5 every week, and i will do this until December i will have $120 if i will achieved it.

Anyway, today my total earnings is $115.21. The $33.40 is in my wallet in and the other one is in the spot trading.

Thank you for reading

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2 years ago


Galing nyo po. Naachieve nyo tong goals nyo.

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2 years ago

Congratulations! Bata pa pero ganito na mindset haha, nice!

Anong wallet yung parang may violet?

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2 years ago

Coinex po parang binance din. Pero mas mababa fee sa bch kesa sa binance hehe

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2 years ago