Godfather Of Cannibalism

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In 1981 a man murdered a Dutch woman and cannibalized her. Her name was Renée Hartevelt. When Issei Sagawa was little, he was fascinated with the thigh of his classmate and it made him want to taste her flesh.

Sagawa moved to France to study literature and he first met Hartvelt at the Sorbonne Academy. He was amazed, he said that she was the most beautiful woman he saw.

Renée and Sagawa has gotten close to each other and they would go to concerts or just in each other's company at Renée's apartment. He wants to have her, to the point where he wants to eat her, so she will be with him forever.

He invited her for a japanese dinner. After the meal, he asked her to read his favorite German Expressionist poem. He told her that he wants to record the poem on the tape for his Japanese teacher. The cassette recorder was ready, but little did she know, that the rifle was also ready.

He turned on the recorder and she began to read. Sagawa, reached for the rifle hidden beside the chest of drawers and slowly aimed the rifle at the back of her head.

There is a loud sound and her body falls from the chair onto the floor.

It is like she is watching me.

I see her cheeks, her eyes, her nose and mouth, the blood pouring from her head.

And began to eat her flesh and rape her body. After enjoying her flesh, he put her body in a suitcase and called a taxi.

If you think that he's in jail, he is actually a free man. Sagawa lives in Tokyo now and a minor celebrity.

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its very heart touching

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