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1 year ago

I just want to share something. I just wanted to ask you people. As we Filipinos, education is very important to us. It is our treasure. We are the hope of our future. But why?

Why we educated people is cannot be heard?

Those politicians who continue corrupting our money. They didnt listens to young Filipinos about some certain topics that they need to be focused with. They make all of us suffer. Both educated and non educated. They let us work for a small amount politicians become more richer and we employee and poor people become poorer and poorer as the day come. Some who work on the government with positions corrupts our money and they dont even get put inside the jail. They are free to go to other countries. They corrupt and get paid at the same time. But we, those ordinary people worked hard as everyday comes. And get pay less than what we deserve.

If this will not end. Soon rich become richer and poor will become poorer and will die poor. Those on the government who corrupts should be stop, the future generations should not encounter what we have right now.

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