Learn from Weeds for a More Useful Life

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In plant cultivation activities, in addition to the threat of pests and diseases, weeds are also a threat that can reduce productivity. Weeds are plants that grow wild in a land environment or area which, if grown in the same place as cultivated plants, will result in a decrease in yield. This is because weeds also need nutrients like other plants. So it will be the toughest competitor for the main crop that is cultivated for nutrients.

It looks like his existence is not wanted, right? yes indeed in cultivation this needs to be handled. So what can we learn from a weed that lives its life only as a nuisance?

Weeds are plants that, even though they have been uprooted, removed or removed from land civilization, can still grow back someday. What does it mean, that weeds never understand the word surrender. It continues to grow even though there is always a threat of pesticides ready to kill it. This unyielding spirit is what we should emulate from a mindless plant to live our lives as humans who are given the gift of reason.

Yes, this world is cruel sometimes. The world sometimes behaves unfairly and even hates you. But remember that all of that is just a forging to strengthen. Like weeds, even though they are always rejected by farmers, they are never tired of getting the nutrients back for their lives.

This plant develops and grows quickly in a short time. So that weeds can compete with the number of main crops if left alone. This is what we should at least be an example of. Especially in looking for identity and the truth of the purpose of life on this earth. Weeds can grow quickly so they can get a chance to get more nutrients. Likewise we, we have to grow in order to get a chance in this life.

To improve our skills, to be more able to regulate emotions, to become more mature. Because if we do not develop and only like this there is no change, then we will be forgotten. No need to be fast like weed, because you are not a weed.

But go through every process. Live the development that you feel and determine. Am I ready to compete in this life?

According to some experts, weeds are plants that are misplaced or simply of little use. With the myriad of losses it causes, it is no wonder that gulam has become a priority in handling agriculture. Weeds are like parasites, they are equally harmful. So don't be a person who can only give you a burden. As humans who are bestowed with all the advantages over weeds, let alone parasites, we should be more useful. Being useful to this world takes many forms.


Useful not only for those who devote themselves as teachers, not only for those who treat patients in hospitals, useful is what you can do for this world.

You don't have to be the same as the others, enough you can give, then you are truly the guardian of life.

After various negative statements about weeds, of course it is unfair for us humans who are required to be fair even to the hated group to judge the existence of weeds. Weeds are harmful, but actually weeds are just plants that are misplaced and useless. Remember, where it is. Yes, in fact if you collect a lot of weed and give it to the cows, then the weed is useful.

Again, if you plant chili on a land where the majority of corn is, then chili is a weed. Because its existence is not in its place and of course it interferes with the productivity of the main crop if you really focus on increasing the production of corn. So what? it's a matter of point of view.

Not everything that looks bad is all bad. We must learn to look at problems from different angles.

It is unwise to judge by one's own standards the behavior of others without wanting to know why. Do not get angry easily, let alone decide everything easily. We are humans, not weeds.

It turns out that nature has provided a lesson. A lesson in life for those who think. Are people who think the same as people who don't think? That's why nature has always been the door to enlightenment. No wonder people used to like to read nature, because nature is God's writing to teach every human being.

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