Crying easily is a sign of weakness. Is it true?

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Humans have various kinds of feelings in themselves. One of them is feeling sad. When we are sad, we express our feelings in various ways. However, the most common way to express sadness is to cry. Not only when they are sad, someone who is feeling happy can also express their emotions by crying.

However, many people think that people who cry easily are weak and crybaby. In fact, whether a person is weak or not is not judged by how often he cries. Even research says that crying is very good for mental health because our bodies do not hold back emotions when we are feeling something.

If you're feeling a certain emotion and the best way to express it is crying, then you've found a healthy way to express your feelings.

Research says that when people cry, they release stress hormones and replace them with happy hormones. That is why when we cry, we will feel more relieved and calmer. Crying can also be said as a form of 'communication' someone about what he is feeling to others and to himself.

When someone admits that they don't cry easily, it doesn't mean they are tough people. On the other hand, this can have a negative impact on mental health. Especially if the reason someone doesn't want to cry is because they are afraid of being called a 'crystal' by the people around them.

If you are able to shed tears when you feel something, it indicates that you are a person who understands the meaning of tear healing. In addition, you can be considered as a person who is able to channel your emotions well.

When someone is out of control of their emotions, they will not understand how to express those emotions and it is not impossible that the feeling of wanting to cry does not arise in their minds. When someone is under stress and crying, it is usually difficult to determine what action to take.

Expressing emotions by crying is one way to express the distress. By crying, the mind becomes clearer and it will be easier to control yourself after feeling 'chaotic' because of the pressure that was felt earlier. That way, the problems faced will be easier to solve because the feelings and thoughts are calm and already in a good atmosphere.

Assume that your feelings of sadness, joy, disappointment, and other feelings are you with a different form. Try not to hold back these feelings when you are really feeling them because when you are able to express them all means you are able to respect yourself.

Change your mindset about the notion 'easy to cry means crybaby or weak' because that expression is wrong. In fact, people who cry easily indicate that they are strong people because they dare to express their emotions honestly.

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