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"Which crypto currency can give me a good return / profit in 2021/2022?" ๐Ÿค”

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1 year ago

Now that we are entering the last stages of the bull run for the rest of 2021, almost all of the 100 major currencies will make a 10x from here, some will make a 20x and some even 100x.

I made a post similar to this one a year ago, where I mentioned 20,000x returns to #NEXO and people told me this was crazy. However, now #NEXO has completed a 20x return and there is only a 1,000x return left. At that time, #DeFi didn't even exist and with #DeFi #NEXO you can still make a 500x return.

The field for 100x returns for my analysis, has shrunk to just 9 coins. ๐Ÿš€

If #Bitcoin is likely to reach $ 250,000 USD with a market value of $ 4T by the end of the year, as many have projected, the following 9 currencies are the ones that can return 100 times or more more safely until then.

These are the absolute top-tier currencies of all cryptocurrencies now that they have the best combination of the biggest fundamentals, the most adoption and therefore the least risk involved.

1- #ENJ currently $ 500 million to $ 500 billion market capitalization = 1,000x - ENJ has a huge network of games and games have grown in recent years. With little competition and its next big Efinity release, ENJ is positioned to establish itself as a gaming giant.

2- $ 100M to $ 100B #KIN = 1,000x:!/vizhome/Kinecosystemstats/Kinecosystemstats

#KIN already has 25 million active users and 45 million passive users and is about to completely revolutionize the ad industry, allowing developers to monetize their users.

3- #NEXO from $ 1B to $ 500B = 500x - NEXO is the largest CeFi platform with $ 4B AuM, which is at UNI level and is a good and necessary complement to DeFi.

4- $ 2B to $ 500B #SNX = 250x - SNX is a very powerful DeFi platform that will give anyone access to trade shares in a decentralized manner soon, without any centralized entity that can block or control that access (GME) like Robinhood did (rs). This can make existing centralized stock trading platforms obsolete and completely take the power out of hedge funds and get back to people.

5- $ 83M #LTO to $ 100B of market capitalization = 120x.

There are a lot of blockchains with great technology and significant adoption now, but they all already have at least $ 1 billion in market capitalization. At the same time, LTO, a blockchain with great technology, similar to EGLD, ZIL and 100,000 transactions per day has a ridiculous market capitalization of $ 83 million dollars now.

6- The #LTO could have a market capitalization of $ 30B now and no one would think it is overvalued, especially since we already have several blockchains with less adoption already with a market capitalization of $ 40B (ADA, DOT).

7- #UNI from $ 7B to $ 700B = 100x - #UNI could become the biggest crypto exchange in the world very soon and could even surpass #Binance. With the next release of optimistic rollups on March 15, which can be implemented very quickly and which UNI has said it will implement, we will be able to see UNI v3 very soon.

8- $ 2.6 billion to $ 260 billion #VET = 100x - #VET is the largest blockchain in the supply chain and already has massive adoption (governments and the world's largest company, Walmart, are using VeChain to track your products)

9- #AAVE from $ 4B to $ 400B = 100x - #AAVE is simply the best and most innovative DeFi platform. That is why a 100x from here is expected.

There will also be other low-capitalization currencies that can reach 100x or more this year (#NANO for example) but many of them are still only in the concept stage and do not have much adoption yet.

However, #ETH, #ADA, #DOT and #BNB can only make another 20x-30x from here, as they already have very high market values โ€‹โ€‹of $ 30 billion or more, which would already mean a market value of $ 600 billion to $ 1T for them in a 20x-30x.

To end these tips / text, at the peak of the approaching bull run, a $ 1T market cap is probably the absolute maximum for altcoins to reach if #Bitcoin reaches $ 250,000 and a $ 4T market cap.

Perhaps a coin goes out to $ 2T or even turns into #Bitcoin, but this is so much speculation involved that it is not possible to make any useful predictions.

Ps: sorry for some spelling mistakes, i'm brazilian

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Written by ย ย 5
1 year ago
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