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What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in March 2021?

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1 year ago

- February was a very exciting month for the entire cryptographic community: #BTC and #ETH reaching new heights, Elon Musk constantly increasing interest for #Doge, temporary #Binance block and $ 1.7 billion settlements, a controversial position for #US government on cryptocurrency, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s comments on Bitcoin’s “extreme inefficiency” (🤣), the growing institutional interest in Bitcoin fueled by its rising price and more were topics of heated discussion in the cryptographic world.

Despite all the turmoil, cryptocurrencies in the restricted part of my portfolio outperformed in February.

So, let's see how my choices worked:

1.BTC + 55%

- TIGHT part

2.ETH + 21%

3.ENJ + 162%


4.MAHA -34%

5. PRE + 28%

In March, I allocated the portfolio as follows:

- 30% of the portfolio for BTC, as BTC still has room to grow, fueled by the pressure to buy institutional money and FOMO.

- 30% for ETH because of EIP-1559 and a new better monetary policy, with the change of the ETH model from inflationary to deflationary.

- 15% of the USDT portfolio to have free money for cheap altcoins after the fall of BTC dominance and we move on to the low and medium capitalization altcoins market cycle.

- 20% for the TIGHT part, represented by ENJ, AAVE, 1INCH.

- 5% for the AGGRESSIVE share represented by low, high-risk capitalization on behalf of MAHA and POLK.

#ETH. Ethereum was part of my February portfolio and I included it in March for one reason: despite the fact that 61% of Ethereum's hash rate declared against the EIP-1559 proposal and only 14%, the ETH team in its weekly digest wrote that &the miners will accept eip1559, because the alternatives are much worse for them&.

To find out how the price of ETH would benefit from this, you can go back to my recent texts on EIP-1559. 👌

Fair share:

#ENJ. Enjin started to move like a rocket 🚀. The most talked about event in February for #Enjin was joining forces with Microsoft to launch #NFT collectibles, but the future looks even more promising: launch of JumpNet (April 6), Efinity and the launch of 2-way bridges between JumpNet, Ethereum, Efinity, and third-party networks will help make EJN even more XXX.

#AAVE. I haven't seen #AAVE in my monthly choices for a long time. In February, #AAVE became the most valuable DeFi protocol with $ 6 billion of TVL and the price reacted immediately with #ATH. However, he has now recovered and #AAVE is currently holding more than 30% of his #ATH now and is the third project on Defipulse. Why am I so optimistic about #AAVE repeating its success? When I was writing my first research article on #AAVE in May 2020, your TVL on Defipulse was $ 43 + m, and it took less than a year to grow to $ 6 billion.

- I even dare to make assumptions that we will be able to see #AAVE by the end of 2021!

# 1INCH .. Another newcomer to my portfolio (welcome). Launched in late December 2020 with its Pathfinder innovation aggregation protocol, 1 inch has quickly become one of the top 100 projects by marketcap. Concerned about Ethereum's high gas rates, they expanded to BSC in February.

Let's see what March will bring for 1 INCH. LOL

Aggressive part:

#MAHA. In February, MahaSwap went live and $ ARTH trading became available there. In addition, the project initiated the ARTH expansion with high APYs, rewards in $ ARTH and $ #MAHA on both sides of the target price and increasing liquidity at MahaSwap.

In addition, #MahaDAO announced listings on a lot of exchanges (BiKi, Bitmax, Bitmart) and various partnerships (DAOventures, Lendefi, Umbrella Network). MAHA underperformed in February and therefore can be seen as a good opportunity to continue holding or even carrying more.

#POLK. Promising new #Polkamarkets project powered by #DeFi, #NFTs and #Polkadot, which was launched in the first quarter of 2021 with the delivery of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The project has just had an IDO (February 24), where it raised $ 90,000 with about 84X ROI announced. Polkamarkets is already listed on Uniswap, Bilaxy and Gateio and according to the market overview announced on the 1st, there was a volume of $ 92M, 7,000 Holders, 275k in LP fees (Uniswap) and 2.5M in liquidity.

Let's see what March has prepared for this newcomer. 🥳

As usual, don't forget stop loss and protect against market shocks.

If you are not an AT expert, I recommend that you use a basic 10% stop-loss for all your trades.

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1 year ago
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