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1 year ago

Ps: I write articles both for read cash as publish0x with the user: Alberto132

If the next BTC race is from March to June (2021), as I wrote earlier, I will talk about which altcoins I would recommend buying now and which will provide substantial returns!

With #Optimism possibly resolving all #Ethereum scalability issues and the stimulus checks sent on March 22, we are likely to see a big bomb from March through June. 💣

The 2017 bull run falls in exactly the same pattern, with a 30% eviction every 6 weeks, as it already did in early January and late February. The story goes that we will see another Bitcoin bomb 110% from March until June.7

- Last week, I recommended 9 coins that could give a return of 100x or more and they already gave big bombs with #ENJ of 200%.

🔖 Post link:

Previously, #ENJ had a potential 1,000-fold return of $ 500 million to $ 500 billion dollars. Now that its market value is $ 1.5 billion, its remaining potential is "only" 350x, quickly as it can happen.

Likewise, UNI saw an increase of 80% in its market capitalization after updating its current supply. This also reduces your potential from 100x to 40x.

After these developments, this gives us the following absolute first-tier currencies from all cryptocurrencies now that they have the best combination of the biggest fundamentals, the greatest adoption and therefore the least risk involved with the following remaining potentials for 2021.

They are: 🚀

1- $ 140M #KIN of market capitalization at $ 100B = 700x:!/vizhome/Kinecosystemstats/Kinecosystemstats

KIN is an incredible combination of 3 major projects ENJ + BAT + APPC = KIN and already has 25 million active users and 45 million passive users. Now, it's about to completely revolutionize the advertising industry, allowing developers to monetize their users.

2- #NEXO from $ 1.2B to $ 500B = 400x: NEXO is the largest CeFi platform with $ 4B AuM, which is at UNI level and is a good and necessary complement to DeFi.

3- #ENJ from $ 1.4 billion to $ 500 billion market capitalization = 350x: #ENJ has a huge network of games and games have grown in recent years. With little competition and its next big Efinity release, #ENJ is positioned to establish itself as a gaming giant. With its 200% bomb last week, its potential has decreased from 1,000x to 350x.

4- $ 2.5B to $ 500B #SNX = 200x: #SNX is a very powerful DeFi platform that will give anyone access to trade shares in a decentralized manner soon, without any centralized entity that can block or control that access (GME) as Robinhood did.

This can make existing centralized stock trading platforms obsolete and completely take the power out of hedge funds and get back to people.

5- $ 111M #LTO to $ 10B market capitalization = 90x:

There are many blockchains with great technology and significant adoption now, but they all already have at least $ 1 billion in market capitalization. At the same time, LTO, a blockchain with great technology, similar to EGLD, ZIL and 100,000 transactions per day has a ridiculous market capitalization of $ 83 million now.

#LTO could have a market capitalization of $ 30B now and no one would think it is overvalued, especially since we already have several blockchains with less adoption already with a market capitalization of $ 40B (ADA, DOT).

6- #THETA from $ 4.3 billion to $ 300 billion = 80x: THETA is decentralized youtube, has massive traction and no competition, and offers constant services in the areas of technology, marketing and adoption. That's why we can expect THETA to increase its reach for the rest of the year.

7- $ 3.7 billion to $ 250 billion #VET = 80x: VET is the largest blockchain in the supply chain and already has massive adoption (governments and one of the largest companies in the world, the Walmart chain, is using #VeChain to track your products)

8- #AAVE from $ 5B to $ 400B = 80x: AAVE is simply the best and most innovative DeFi platform. That's why an 80x from here is expected.

9- #UNI from $ 17B to $ 500B = 30x: UNI could become the biggest crypto exchange in the world very soon and could even surpass #Binance. With the next release of optimistic rollups on March 15, which can be implemented very quickly and which UNI has said it will implement, we will be able to see UNI v3 very soon.

The probability that a currency listed here will achieve these returns is perhaps 30% -40% in this bull run. 4 coins have also fallen from the 100x potential (UNI, AAVE, VET, THETA), but 5 remain (SNX, NEXO, ENJ, KIN, LTO) that can make more than 100x.

Interestingly, those with a potential less than 100x are also the safest currencies and probably still have a 60% return of 40x-80x 😉

However, there are 5 promising low-capitalization currencies that can up to 1,000x, but also have more uncertainty, of course.

But they are:

1- # PRE30M With a market value of $ 30B, PRE30M is Google on Blockchain, decentralized and governed by the community. This looks like an inevitable development that needs to happen.

2- #OCTO market value from US $ 26 million to US $ 26 billion, which is an interesting DeFi aggregator.

3- #GET $ 32M of market value for $ 32B, which is a very interesting ticket platform that has sold 1 million tickets and has very interesting tokenomics with 25% of the stock burned

4- #FLASH (Flashstake) with a very small market capitalization of $ 1 million to $ 1 billion, which already gives you all your bet rewards for 1 year in advance and then blocks your tokens and you already have 50% of your wagered stock. It's an interesting approach to DeFi and they have a good chance of growing. When buying FLASH make sure not to buy v1, but V2

5- #RARI $ 100M market cap at $ 100B, as one of the leading NFT platforms, RARI is definitely a currency for hodl

Be aware that other popular altcoins #ETH#ADA#DOT and #BNB can only make another 20x-30x from here because they already have very, very high market values ​​of $ 30 billion dollars, which is already it would mean a market value of $ 600 billion to $ 1Q for them in a 20x-30x.

In addition, it is probably now time to sell #BADGER, which now has its listing on #Binance, but also had a substantial drop in its TVL dropped to $ 1.8 billion. Also. due to significant inflation, its supply has also doubled in the past 2 months, so it is now at a market value of $ 500 million.

That is a fair assessment and a substantial increase from here can no longer expect anything from it.

Finally, FSW is now also quite uninteresting because Optimism's scalability solution would probably make FSW obsolete.

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Written by   5
1 year ago
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