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Is it possible for #Bitcoin to rise to $ 100,000 dollars now in March 2021? 🤔

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1 year ago

Let's see ...

It seems that we are repeating exactly the same patterns as 2017, with 30% every 2 months.

1 - Of the 5 failures that happened at #bullrun (bull run) in 2017, we have now completed 2 failures.

2- These failures take 2 months like clockwork.

3- Both in early January 2017 and in 2021, we saw a 34% drop.

4- At the end of February 2017 and 2021, we also saw a decrease of 29% and 25%, respectively.

5- So, there was a 180% increase in #Bitcoin from $ 950 to $ 2,700 from April to June.

This means that if markets continue to repeat the same historical pattern of 2017, we should now see a 180% increase in Bitcoin from $ 45,000 to $ 125,000 from the end of March to June. (in my opinion)

And it looks like the date when the next significant run will begin is March 22, when the first stimulus checks are sent.


Altcoins also went up by around 400% during that period in 2017. However, this would be the second alternative season this year, while the second alternative season in 2017 took another 6 months to come after the first.

Still, since altcoins are so much stronger this year than in 2017, when they were just unsubstantiated speculation, it wouldn't be surprising that a second season would also happen when #Bitcoin starts to reach $ 125,000.

Conclusion: It looks like #Bitcoin will increase 180% from $ 45,000 to around $ 125,000 from around March 22 through June, but it is very unlikely that we will see $ 100,000 now in March.

Altcoins also managed to outperform #Bitcoin during that period. To stay on the safe side, it is probably best to keep 50% BTC and 50% altcoins for the next race.

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1 year ago
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