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Pork Medallion steak half Filipino style 🏅

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4 months ago
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Good morning everyone. Last night I had an amazing steak, can you believe it?

@flapiz massaged it very well.

I like to eat pork adobo and we did not have fish. We are in the UK so we decided to eat pork and chips. My only task was to chop the chips, but I can proudly say I did not lose any finger. We decided to marinate the pork with soy sauce for a full day. In case you do not want to marinate you can just cook the medallions as they are from the store.


  • 2 potatoes

  • Garlic

  • Oil

  • Silver Swan Soy sauce

  • salt

  • 2 Medallion pork

  • Butter

  • Thyme

  • Pepper

  • Tomatoes

Cooking procedure:

Slice the garlic, cut the sides and press it to remove the skin.

Take the 2 pork medallion, pour (silver swan filipino) soy sauce, oil, salt , pepper, powder garlic and massage them for few minutes. The massage will make the pork happier and more flavoured. Put the medallion pork in the fridge for 24 hours so they can marinate and absorb fully the heavenly ingredients.

The day after that I had to cut potatoes into little cubes. I peeled only one potato.

Then i have added thyme, butter and oil to them. Some are peeled and some not, because I have started peeling them and then realized I wanted the skin too.

Massage the potatoes and mix all the ingredients. Just because we massaged the pork medallions amd the potato could become a bit jealous otherwise.

When the oven is fully warmed you can insert the potato mix inside it and leave them for 25 minutes.

Take the marinated pork medallion and put them on a pan fry, add oil, pepper and butter.

Butter should stay on the top, so you can enjoy seeing it melt during the cooking process. You can also add butter under the pork and let it melt instead of the oil.

When the pork is almost cooked you can add tomatoes, these will burn a bit and become crispy. Do not forget to turn the pork.

12 minutes should be enough to cook the medallions more than enough.

At this point you can serve, unless you want to eat directly from the pan fry (if you are starving and can't wait for the food no more)

Are you ready for some food porn?

potatoes are ready for the oven
marinated pork medallions are cooking

butter is melting
Pork medallions on pan fry after 24 hour in the fridge with soy sauce and melted butter
time to add tomatoes
final result :)

Hope you like the pictures :))) photos are taken with a professional camera and manual focus.

I loved the soy sauce coating and flavour, was worth to wait for 24 hours. Roasted chips are also one of my favourite dishes.

Before eating this we had roasted chips at a friend's house as well, it was not enough.

This was the only course for tonight and that's all folks! hope you did not drool too much this time, go get some napkins :D

See you in the next article

Ciao Ciao

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Written by   1
4 months ago
Topics: Foodie, Food, Filipino, Medallion, Italy, ...
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It was a lovely meal! Team effort is always the key!

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4 months ago