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2 years ago

Hi.. I'm @Anastasia .

I'm a student of honours first year of national university in Bangladesh.

My father is a college teacher and my mother is a Head teacher of a primary school. I have to sister's. We are 5 members in my family.

My aim is to be a College teacher. I love my family and friends and also my relatives.

My hobby is singing. At the age of 12 I was a famous singer in my district. Everyone tells me that my voice is more cute than the other's. But I have to give up my singing career for my study. I want to sing properly in future after build my career.

Now I'm trying my level best to build up my career. I always pray to God for success of all.

Though I'm very weak I'm Thanks for reading💙

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Glad to know your family acquaintance. May Allah fulfill your wish. Don't remember us then. Do not eat sweets. I will not say anything.

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2 years ago

Wow your family are great for education. best family

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2 years ago

Good article do your best for reaching your goal and also do hard work for hard work you can do this

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2 years ago