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The Token of my dreams.

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2 years ago

If you are reading this you are here because of your lust for pickles. Here at Anarcho-Culinary we are having our very own IPO or Initial Pickle Offering.

The Pickle Token, Minted 6-24-20 amidst global turmoil and what i perceive as a crippling deficit of pickles-and pickle related commerce-stands to revolutionize the way we purchase and trade pickles of all sorts.

No pickle left behind! Dill, Sweet, Bread and butter, garlic pickles- Yes any form of pickled cucumber can be exchanged with this amazing innovation!

Denominated in tenths this token was engineered to stand for one whole English cucumber worth of pickle slices, or "chips" as we call them in the industry (roughly ten per cuke), our hope is that one day its market price will reflect this.

Send us a word on or leave your SLP wallet address in the comments and we will gladly issue you PCKL tokens of your own to start helping in the exciting process of lifting the world from its pickle Dillema.

Should you wish to get real pickles with the tokens our firm gifts to you, email our headquarters at One of our reps will get with you in short order.

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