The Best Online Tools for Business.

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The best list of online tools.
As you are doing business online, there are a lot of tools that can help you to increase your customer base and improve the efficiency of your work. There are more than 500+ online tools nowadays (to choose from). So we came up with this list to assist everyone in finding the best tool that suits their needs.

Best Online Tools

1. Twitter-

This is one of the most widely used social media applications which you can use to interact with people as well as it is also very helpful for marketing. If you like the idea of tweeting then you need to have your account on Facebook or any other platform. Nowadays, you don’t need to create an account on the official site or web page for using this application. It has an API that makes it even more efficient. You will need to install the app on a smartphone/tablet. Then you need to download it by going to Once done, follow the directions given at the end of the article until you reach the final step. The process of installation takes approximately 30 seconds.


2. Mailchimp-

This program allows you to manage all the emails on your laptop or PC (at home). There are lots of services like newsletters list, event notification, lead management, etc. It provides everything needed for email marketing in a very easy-to-operate interface. It’s really powerful and can do wonders for your business.


3. Google Docs-

Google Docs is another free and open-source application that works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and all other popular operating systems. This software is good if you want to edit large files such as PDF files and many others. It is user-friendly and also supports multi-platform support.

Google docs

4. GSuite-

GSuite is used by Gmail and Chrome extensions that add features to G Suites such as e-mail storage, file sharing, synchronization, task management, document protection, and spam filter. Apart from its great features, it offers several additional utilities like mobile support and offline functionality. It saves you from much inconvenience of updating your desktop software.

G Suite

5. Microsoft Office-

It is a reliable way you can work effectively and efficiently and easily. It is available to all users without giving you extra charges and the price range is cheap.

MS Office.


It is used by millions of users every day and is considered to be the only free content writing technology. There is also an unlimited number of plugins available to customize the website according to your needs. Therefore, it is one of the topmost platforms for blogging.

7. helps to create personal blogs easily and quickly through its built-in editor, drag and drop builder, and various themes. It integrates seamlessly with almost all major websites so you do not have to worry about SEO and it doesn’t require installing anything unless you want to modify it.

8. Google Sites-

This is the most commonly used extension of Google, for displaying your blog in search results. This amazing tool allows you to add lots of different types of information so readers can find what they are looking for more quickly. Also, it comes with useful features for bloggers, webmasters, editors, designers, developers, and a lot more.

Google Sites

9. SiteScape-

This is the easiest tool to set up any kind of website. This website builder lets you build custom sites without code or experience. Just drag it to any domain, upload your files, and choose some free and paid plans. A web host company handles the hosting for you. The plan will decide how much time you are willing to spend on developing the project.

10. Easy Digital Downloads-

This is useful for small businesses to make digital copies of original products. All the stores can be made as low-cost or high-end digital products; each can have some unique designs and features. For instance, Dell’s USB stick (the brand is famous for) is designed for 1kg. The packaging company is making a huge amount of money by selling these goods without keeping their original quality or design intact.

Easy Digital Download.

So after reading this top online software list, now you know a bit about them, it’s time to make a decision. What you think about is good enough to choose your product and start working online.
Thank you so much!!

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