Questions to ask yourself to calm down when you are worried

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Sometimes a person gets worried, with or without reason. It is even difficult to explain this feeling to others. They may worry that their parents are getting sick, that they are spending too much money, that they are hurting the feelings of their loved ones, or even that a friend is not answering their messages. You are not the only one who worries when a relative comes home late or has to speak in public.

When you feel anxious for any reason, when your chest feels heavy, remember that you are not alone. Worry can manifest in more than one way. There is more than one way to get rid of anxiety. One of them is to ask yourself questions to calm down. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to calm down when you are worried...

Accidents happen in life. But most of the time, when we feel anxious, it's hard to tell if things are really going wrong. So what is it that makes you so worried? What are the chances of that thing happening? Really think about it for a moment. The answers to these questions will make it easier for you to recognize whether what you are worrying about is a real threat or not.

Some things in life you can control, you can take precautions. If you ride a bicycle, you should wear a helmet. You should check that the alarm at home is working, don't neglect your health insurance, see a doctor regularly. It can be a bit of a tedious solution, but you can make yourself a checklist. When you check off the items you are reviewing one by one, you can get rid of some of your worries and act in a calmer and more planned manner.

What could be worse than an anxious, frightened and exhausted mind in the middle of the night? If your panic and worries occur at hours that are not related to work, other people or distractions, then you need to take control. You can change your thoughts by breathing deeply or turn on a sleep meditation video. You may think that your nighttime worries will disappear with the light of the sun.

In fact, it's not the things that cause your anxiety that you should be afraid of, but the anxiety itself. Seth Godin, a famous American author, says, "Worry is useful when it changes our behavior in a productive way. Otherwise, worry is a negative form of distraction, a distraction designed to keep us from working or living our lives."

The next time you feel panic or anxiety, you can try asking yourself questions to help you cope and get rid of it.

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