What were you in your childhood a follower or a leader?

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2 years ago
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Good morning everyone I hope you guys are having an amazing day 💜

Let's talk about something interesting from the past again.

In your childhood who were you?

A passionate leader? Who always helped his followers to achieve their goals reach their destination.

Were you the one in the group of your friends to whom everybody looks up to in every thick and thin?

Were you the strongest Piller of the group?

Or were you a follower, a determined follower who followed honestly, everything his lead said?

In childhood in school like to college life, I had 5 friends and there's only one left in them now 💔🖤 the others have to go for some reasons like marriage, different city, etc :')

So the point is I can consider myself as the leader or strongest Piller in of my group because I was the one who always held the group together I always guided them to the right things and they actually followed me listened to things I said they believed in me and I'm proud of that.💜

We had an amazing group and I never let anything happen to my group until destiny apart us. :')

So what's your story? _



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