Uptrennd, a platform where you earn for your engagement.

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2 years ago


Hello everyone, few people here asked me about Uptrennd yesterday though I guided them individually about Uptrennd I thought I should make a complete post about it including an introduction and all the rules of Uptrennd that will help you guys understanding it more easily.

So without wasting much of your time I'll just get started.

So what is Uptrennd ?

Uptrennd is a platform where You're being paid for your content. You can post there about anything that you feel or have knowledge about or want to give an opinion about something, you can post anything that is of quality and in your own words, you'll get paid for it. And besides that, you can also read many other useful posts of others and can get knowledge of different things like crypto and many more.

How will you get paid for your work?

You'll get paid by upvotes. When you post something people will read it and if they liked it or finds it interesting then they'll upvote it and by the upvotes, you'll receive some money in form of 1up that you'll see in your profile. You can also receive the upvotes by commenting on the posts of others if your comment is of quality and is related to the post then you'll receive upvotes from the user and many other users.

What is 1up?

1up is a token of Uptrennd like other cryptocurrencies you can exchange it, sell it buy it or trade it or you can store it till it's price gets higher you'll receive 1ups when you get an upvote depending on which level the user is upvoting, higher the lever of the upvoter higher the amount lies from 0.001 1up to 1 1up but if a guardian upvoted your post or comment you'll get from 4 to 17 1up 🖤

What else we can use 1up for?

We can use 1up that we have, for many purposes

You can use this for leveling up, the higher your level is the more amount of tokens you'll earn per upvote.

You can use it for upvotes when you like any post or comments, but giving upvotes are free it won't cost you anything so feel free to upvote what you like 🖤

You can create contests there or can take part there are always many contests going on that platform.

You can also use it for boosting your own content so that more people can see and reach it

When can you withdraw your tokens to your wallet?

You can withdraw your tokens when you're at least a level 3 user and have at least 3k 1up. Back then the amount for minimum withdrawal was 200 then 500 but now 3k to support the value of the token 💜 you'll only be charged 40 1up as a fee.


Like the Option of upvotes, there is also the option of downvotes there if you feel something is of low quality or spam or plagiarized content, feel free to downvote or report it, it will help them removing the spam and making the platform a better place for everyone.💜


Uptrennd has simple rules to follow to maintain a positive environment of the platform and to help the value of 1up.

There are a few simple rules of Uptrennd that you must follow if you want to stay there longer and want to earn without being getting mute or banned.

1) you can only post content that is your own and is of quality.

2) you should drop the comments when you read the complete post and want to encourage the author or want to give suggestions or something,

Do not drop spam 1 liner comments that are not related to the post or are comments like

Nice, beautiful, wow, etc

3) drop your comment do not copy-paste the comments of others or you'll get downvoted.

4) do not engage in upvote for upvote kind of activities or you'll get mute permanently.

5) Don't copy content from the internet or don't paraphrase it never do plagiarism.

6) you can post something that is your own on other websites as well but you should post it first on Uptrennd or if it's your own and is no longer old then 1hr you can post it but make sure to give the link of your other website account in the post.

7) Do not create multiple accounts on Uptrennd or you'll get muted straight.

8) on Uptrennd you can only post and comment in English or Spanish but in Spanish, you can only post in the community-made for the Spanish language.

9) Do not post in the wrong community or you'll receive a -10 1up penalty from admins always post in the writing community,

If you don't know which community is perfect for your post then feel free to post it in the General community, it's open for all.

10)Do not misuse the OC Badge.

Only click on the OC button if the post you're dropping is 80% or more of your content.

If you used the OC Badge and the post is not 80% yours then you'll get 100 points deduction by the robot and a warning as well if you did that again you'll get muted.

So yes it's a platform where you can do both, earning and learning. It's personally my favorite as Because of Uptrennd I got to know about online earning and crypto etc and I joined Uptrennd University which helped me a lot in making my work perfect. If you want to know about Uptrennd University I have a video I'll share it with you guys🖤

Here's the link to Uptrennd if you want to join it feel free to join.🖤

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps 💜

You can ask any questions in comments section.

All pics are ss of my own profile on the platform and the avatar is created by me in Bitmoji app.

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2 years ago


Sounds interesting, I'll take a ride on the platform

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2 years ago

Can I post an article in Uptrend that from read.cash? My articles in read.cash can I post it there? By the way I created an account, what's your username there?

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2 years ago

Umm I guess you can't post your old articles there they'll be count as plagiarized articles so I would recommend don't post your old articles but if you're going to write new ones then you can post it on both like on readcash then on the same time on Uptrennd and can also mention that I've posted this on readcash 🖤 and my account name is Ana biya.

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2 years ago

Oh so the newest article is allowed? I will explore Uptrennd I can't understand it. Thanks for the information! Okay I will follow you on Uptrennd.

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2 years ago

Hey Anabiya I also use both platforms but Read Cash is unique 😌

Btw, how do you do your bitmoji on desktop? I think I am too old to catch up wlth tech ^^

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2 years ago

I appreciate both and I used Uptrennd first so that's why I love it 🖤 and both are unique in their own ways 💕 And about bitmoji avatar it's super easy just download the app From playstore login through your email and make your own avatar 🥺

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2 years ago

Cool! Thank you for this tutorial. I will try to explore this platform once I'm no longer busy. Thank you!

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2 years ago

Sure I would love to see you there and I hope it will be useful for you guys 🖤

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2 years ago

But read.cash is much better :)

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User's avatar ico
2 years ago

I love both and because of Uptrennd I came to know about readcash one of my Uptrennd friend introduced me to readcash 💜

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2 years ago