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Silence is the best answer to any Bulshit πŸ’œ

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Written by Β Β 91
3 months ago

Today I'm here with another advice πŸ™ˆ a short one again but very important one πŸ’œ

Silence is the best answer to all the stupid things and people.

yes I have heard that people says

If you are educated you stay quiet when someone tries to hurt you with their words. I know it's not good to listen to some bull shit and still stay quiet but it's better sometimes to stay quiet some people are just like that if you said something they will hurt you more but if you stay quiet, at some point they will quit their self.

Some people just want us to speak, step down to their level that's why they tease us continuously because they want us to step down to their level and that they could hurt us more

So always remember don't let anybody hurt you ever but just know that when to stay silent and quite and when to give the reply to them πŸ’œ

Have a good day πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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