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Fears πŸ’”

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2 months ago

Fears are the main obstacles in the journey of our lives. It is true that we all have some fears in our lives that stop us from moving on in our lives and achieving our goals.

Everyone of us have different fears like fear of losing someone, fear of Commitments, fears of not being good enough for someone, fears of relationships, fear of failures and so much more and because of these fears we're always afraid to take any step towards our dreams.

By reading the novel Alchemist I realized the thing that the only thing that stop us in life is our own fears. The protagonist of the novel Santiago spent almost half of his life in fear and in running from his dreams but finally after overcoming his fears he archives his personal legend, the dream of his lif. πŸ’œ

And then there's another character in the Novel, the crystal merchant, who let his fear rule over his life and that's why spent all his life in the shop far from his dreams and goals. He was afraid all of his life to take a step towards his dream because of the fear of losing.

the crystal merchant is so bound to one place his whole life because of his fears and is a good example that one can't achieve anything that he want in his/her life, if he/she allowed fear to rule over their world just like the merchant did.

So the sum is to always go for your dreams, gather courage to come out of your fears and try till you get succeed in your attempts. Because if you let your fears win, you won't be able to do anything in life it will be like living a meaningless life. So step up, come out of your fears and fight for your dreams.

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The Alchemist Is One Of My Favourite Novels. And I Love The Part Where Girl Leaves Him And He Calls Her Back And She Comes Running Back And Replies Him :'')

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2 months ago

I haven't read the complete novel and in chapter wise summary there was no such scene so I guess I missed this but indeed the novel is amazing

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2 months ago

Well This Was A Made Up Scenario From Me To Get Your Attention As You Weren't Replying.

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2 months ago