With You in my Dreams (Part 1)

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2 years ago

"I love you," he said

Is this even true? My long-time crush loves me?

"Since the day our eyes met, I know that my heart already belongs to you" he said while his face gets closer and closer and I can already smell his mint-like breath. His lips get closer to mine and there is only small space to fill the gap between our lips. This is what I've been dreaming of... To be loved by someone I admire and love the most...

Rhian!!!! Wake up!!! You still have your 8:00 AM class!!!

What the?? Not again... Why do my mom has to interrupt my beautiful dream every now and then?

Okay, maybe I'll just continue that dream again in the evening.

Yes, you read it right. I have this lucid dreaming ability wherein I can control my dreams, continue interrupted dreams without any worries, I can fly, I can travel with another place in just a snap, and I can make people love me without begging for it.

It's like living in a fantasy world where you can do everything you want without any problem. I can be the world's beautiful face, I can be the most richest person and everything my heart desires are possible. But, of course, I can only do that in my dreams. Not in reality.

The loud cringing noise of the door interrupted my thoughts. My mom entered my room with brows furrowed. I know what she's thinking already with that face.

"Can you please hurry up little brat." Your teacher will get mad at you again and you'll gonna get failing grades because of being late again and again."

"Mom. I still have time to do so. I am not yet late, I know. Maybe, it's just 7:00 am in the morning," I said as I look into the sky with gray clouds without the shining sun.

"Where in the world did the sky became the measurement of time? It's already 7:30 am in the morning, and there you are still lying in your bed and is not yet prepared with anything."

Nah! Wait, what???

OMG!! I only have 30 minutes to prepare for everything!!!

I need to hurry for real.....

I immediately stood up from bed and hurriedly did my morning routines. I took a bath, ate my breakfast, prepared my bag and the things that must be there.

"Bye, mom!!! I need to go!!!" I said in a loud voice because my mom is in the kitchen, washing the dishes.

"Okay, take care...."

I saw a tricycle infront so I immediately ride from it, so I wouldn't be late, tho it's already 7:50 AM in the morning. Yeah, I know I am late already. Bwahahaha

When I already have the the glimpse of the white buildings, I know that I have already arrived in our school. I took 20 pesos in my wallet and paid for my fair to the tricycle driver.

"Thanks kuya," I said to the driver as I handed him the money.

I swiped my ID on the scanner beside the gate of the school and the guard allow me to go inside when the green light popped already.

"Good morning sir, good morning classmates, I'm sorry for being late." That's what I've said before entering our classroom because our teacher is already writing on the white board and it seems like they are in the middle of discussion.

My shyness ran through my veins as I've recognized that familiar physique of the professor infront. He is in around 6'2 tall, having a fair skin but his muscles are visibly big as if he just worked out from the gym earlier. His hair was properly combed and gelled. His jaw clenched when he is about to look in my direction.

"Good morning ms. Did you know what's time already?"

With his dark narrow eyes, pointed nose, and small red lips that are so kissable, he bursted out those words directly into my eyes.

"Sorry sir for being late," I said while bowing my head because of embarrassment.

"Okay, take your seat... Just be early next time, I won't tolerate that kind of action again."

"Okay sir. Sorry again."

I walked towards my seat beside the window at the back. I have no friends here in our classroom because I am a transferee student. I don't have my seat mate that made me like a loner onea. I don't know but no one dares to be friends with me, maybe because I am ugly or just looking like unapproachable one. I took out my brown notebook and my pen from my bag to write what's written on the board.

From time to time, our professor glance at me here at the back. Maybe, he's thinking that I am not paying attention to what he's explaining infront, that's why when our eyes met again, he asked me a question about the topic.

"What's your name again Ms.?" He asked with a slight smirk because he knew me back then already.

"I'm Rhian Galvez, sir," I replied back.

"Okay, Ms. Galvez. Can you give an example of a dead language aside from latin?"

I tried my best to recall and think of the answer about his question. I have already read an article and also an excerpt from a book, so I am knowledgeable about what he's expecting for me to answer.

"Sumerian is considered as one of the examples of a dead language, sir. Sumerian doesn't have native speakers anymore, but their cuneiform tablets are still studied by scholars all around the world. These cuneiform tablets describe Sumerian laws, myths, and stories, painting a precious picture of Sumerian society," I answered.

"Very good ms. Galvez, you can now take your seat."

He also asked my other classmates about the same question, but I don't know why he is still darting his eyes at me.

He probably won't know that I have a crush on him, isn't it? That he is the one I've been dreaming of, everytime I'm in the process of lucid dreaming at night.

Yes, he's that guy that I admire the most. He is actually just ahead of 3 years from me, and we were schoolmates back then from my previous school until I transferred here for some reason. I was just 1st year college student that time, and he was 4th year graduating student in college. Now, I am already in 3rd year college and he was my professor.

"Okay class, let's call it a day. Thank you for your time and patience. Goodbye."

With that words, it suddenly lift up the mood of my classmates because it's already dismissal time for that subject.

They grabbed their bags as if they are preparing to go outside, maybe they just want to hang out again somewhere. That's their favorite hobby, I guess.

But me, I am staying alone here in our classroom again reading novels I bought from the nearest book store days ago.

Me and sir Felix are the only ones left here in the room. He is really handsome with that godly features of him as I stare at his face. He turned his gaze on me, and I immediately return my eyes at the book I am reading.

"You want to ask something Rhian?" He suddenly asked me.

"Nothing sir," I said while curving a slight smile in my lips to ease the awkwardness.

"Okay, if that so, I'll go ahead...."

See you again tonight..." He said with a wink.

What does he meant by seeing me again tonight??

Will it be possible that.... He knows about... MY DREAM????

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading!!!

Pardon me for any grammatical error you might encounter.

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