Tonight's Random Thoughts: A Glimpse of My Life as a Student

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Can't think of any topic to write about. It seems like my mind is not fully conditioned to write something valuable and interesting so I've just decided to write this article, featuring any thoughts flowing in my mind tonight.

Have you experienced that too? Everyone knows it as writer's block wherein a person can't be able to think effectively and can't organize the ideas in their mind. I guess that's what I'm experiencing right now.

To be honest, I have different topics that I want to write about as of this moment but the problem is I don't know how will I start doing it. It seems impossible to be accomplished but I do believe that I can make it possible maybe for some other day when my mind is already in a better condition. For now, I will just write this article to release these overflowing thoughts so that my mind will be flourished and be freed from unnecessary ideas for my next articles, maybe.

You know what guys, next week will be our final exam and after that, the semester will end and school break is waving. Yey!!!

But before that, I will need to accomplish all of the requirements and review well for the exams so that I won't get a failing grade that might disappoint my parents. I don't want my parents to get disappointed so even though I am feeling lazy for some time, I am trying my best to be a responsible student. But, aside from that, I am studying harder and smarter for me to be able to graduate and reach my dreams for my family, myself, and my future.

Almost all of my subjects this semester are already done with the lessons, and we students are just waiting for the final exams next week. But, despite the finished discussions, my instructors left tons of paper works for us to accomplish until next week, but here I am lying in my bed not even halfway done with the said requirements. Hahaha

I hope my mind would cooperate with me in doing those.

I don't know but my minor subjects are more demanding than my major subject. My minor subjects have the most requirements than my major subject. Hahaha

I am a first-year college student and I only have one major subject this semester. Sad to say, I am the only one taking that subject because no one dares to make English as their specialized course in Secondary Education, but me. Luckily, my instructor is very considerate and always makes sure that I am learning effectively and comfortably even though I have no classmates with me during our virtual meeting. It is like a tutorial class so every question my instructor would throw will be answered by me only. Guess what? I have to do advanced reading every day for that subject for me to be able to catch up with the lessons without getting embarrassed with my instructor if ever that I have to answer the question.

I am glad to say that I am already done with that subject and my instructor already congratulated me for being a hardworking, patient, and smart student that made me smile all ears.

My instructor only required me to write an essay answering the questions he gave about the last lessons that we've tackled last week. And according to him, that would be the last learning task for me to submit this sem and after that, I am allowed to breathe. I already submitted the file containing my essay last Wednesday so I don't have to worry about it anymore. I don't also have to take the final exam in that subject so I am very very happy.

But, my minor subjects won't allow me to relax. Why do I say so? Because, I have to finish my position paper, essay, lesson plan, instructional materials, vlog, resume, application letter, art projects, and so on. Some of these are already done, but some are not. I am already stressed with everything about it, but that won't stop me from being noisy in and here in (char hahaha). I wish the vacation will approach me now because I've been longing for it for a year already. πŸ˜†

Seems like my thoughts tonight revolved almost in my life as a student. Maybe for the other day, my thoughts about being a daughter inside our house will be the next topic for my article. Get ready to be fed up with my rants about the unending household chores I need to do every day. Hahaha

Will see you in my next rants... Oh, I mean in my next blog. πŸ˜‚

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading my article. Whoever you are, I am glad to know to have at least one reader who exerts effort to read it up until the end. Sorry for any grammatical errors you might encounter, I am trying my best to improve my writing skills.

Thank you and may the good Lord bless you more.β€πŸ˜‡

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