The Power of Words: Use It Wisely

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Words are powerful. We can express our thoughts by using it. We can communicate with everyone that is very helpful in building and maintaining relationships. We can share and gain knowledge with it. We can motivate and lift up the mood of those who are being devoured by emptiness and problems. But, these advantages can be achieved if we used words in a proper way. Why do I say so? Maybe you are all aware of what words can do if we utilize it in a negative way. Yes it's just a word. It only came from our mouth, and it can't harm us physically. But, it can adversely affect someone emotionally.

Let's say for instance, instead of humiliating someone with their mistakes, why not correct them in a nice way. You can point out the mistakes and correct them because that will help them to improve but not to the extent that you have to embarrass them with what they did and make them look like brainless when in fact it's not really true. Use your words wisely and appropriately. Use your words to instill proper knowledge with someone and to correct their mistakes in a nice way, without hurting their feelings.

Everyone of us is still in the process of learning. Everyone commits mistakes and that's okay. It's okay to fail because that will teach us a very important lessons in life. So don't ever insult someone with words that will surely crash the confidence they built for themselves.

Use your words to motivate someone and not to drag them down. Isn't it satisfying to lift each other up, instead of dragging others down? Use your words to support someone and to motivate them to go on with life despite the uncertainties they are experiencing. Aside from that, instead of being jealous on their achievements and gossiping about them negatively, why not make them as an inspiration and talk to to them in a nice way if you wanted to learn something. I know some people who always spread false rumors about someone they envy too much. But you know what? It doesn't really help them at all. They didn't know that those envy/jealousy inside their heart are slowly consuming their happiness. They can't make themselves happy independently because they are always minding other people's business. They are not properly using their words that's why they are not also aware about how those words affect them negatively. They are not happy with their lives anymore. Their happiness only depends on someone's downfall. But, what if the person they envy is a strong human, and despite the failures he/she is still smiling and ready to stand up again? Then it means to say that they will never be happy with their lives anymore. So use words properly, and not to show envy.

Use your words to share and gain knowledge. We all have this capability to exchange our thoughts with each other and that is very essential in gaining and sharing information. But sometimes, other people are using words to share fake information and that is a very serious problem. Use words to spread facts and not just to share fallacy statements that might harm someone. Imagine, if you spread an information that drinking vinegar will help you to recover from COVID-19 virus and a person who easily believe in every information he/she have saw or read applied that, do you think it's a good thing for that person? That false information disguised as a factual one will caused adverse effects to that person or even death.

So be mindful with your words. Stop making a false information because that will cause no good to someone whose reading it.

And as a reader, don't just gain information without validating if it is true or not. Words can be deceiving and we can't escape from that reality because it is inevitable. If someone can't stop themselves from spreading fallacies then do such action to stop that thing. Let the deceiving words stopped with you so it will not be spread to other people especially those vulnerable ones.

Always use kind words to respect someone. Use your words not for the purpose of insulting others just because you have contradicting beliefs. Learn to understand each and everyone and never throw painful words to them because it might caused huge damage to that person. Always be kind even though you know that they are not treating you the same way as you did. Always respect them no matter what and use kind words because that would reflect how good and educated you are. If they throw negative words to you then it's not your fault anymore.

Words are powerful because it can show how much we love, care, and respect one another, but don't ever use it with the purpose of hurting other people. Words are comforting but it can cause endless pain when utilized negatively.

Always be kind to each and every one.

Spread positivities with your words.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you gained some knowledge with it. I am sorry if you have encountered grammatical errors here, I am willing to accept corrections from you.

God bless you all!!

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