The Kid in White

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I was just walking in the park when a little kid approached me. She has a short brown hair and she's wearing a white dress that perfectly fits her porcelain-like skin. By looking at her from head to toe, I think she is just 4 years old. She has that chinky eyes, a cute pointed nose, and a heart shape lips. But, I've noticed something in her cheeks. There's a reddish scar in it.

Before I could asked why is she approaching me, she suddenly bowed down to get her ball that rolled near my feet.

She looks familiar but I couldn't remember where I saw her before.

"Hello baby girl! Whom are you with? Where's your mom?" I asked her looking straight into her eyes.

She didn't answer me and walked away. I don't know but I feel gloomy atmosphere with her. She is enjoying herself playing with the ball from afar. I can't see anyone whom I could say as the parent or guardian of this kid. Why is she alone? She's not supposed to be playing outside without someone who can accompany her. She might get herself in danger knowing today's situation.

I'm just staring at her at the moment when she suddenly runs towards the nearest road. She is following her ball rolling, but the little girl manage to catch it in the middle of the road.

A beep sound suddenly filled our ears, that makes my life stop for a moment. There's a four-wheeler truck that might hit her. It's moving with a fast speed, and I couldn't stop it even though I am already shouting at the top of my lungs.

I am asking for help but the people around are just looking at me with a confused face. My tears can't stop from falling with the thought that the kid I was just staring at a while ago just got hit by a truck. In the middle of crying, someone tapped my left shoulder.

A-are you-u okay hon?

Hearing the voice from behind, I already know who is it.

It's my husband, the love of my life who asked permission from me earlier to buy mineral water and snacks for me.

"No, I'm not! Can't you see? The poor kid whom I'm just staring at a while ago was hit by the truck. Why does she have to face that tragedy at a very young age?" I replied to him with my cracked voice caused by continuous crying.

"Hon.." He said in a soft voice. "There's no little kid who got hit by the truck," he added.

That left me dumbfounded. What in the world is happening? I look again towards the direction of the road where the little kid standing at earlier. There's no trace of her there. There's no blood or anything that might proved that an accident just happened a while back.

"No, I saw it clearly with my two naked eyes," I said to my husband.

"But, why is she not there if you really saw it," he replied back.

I don't know what's happening already. Is it just a dream? But, I vividly saw it.... Before I could reply again to my husband, I don't know but everything went black already.....

How is she doc?

A tensed voice of my husband suffused my ears.

A gravelly calm voice replied, "She is still suffering from the trauma caused by the accident she had experienced before." "She have to take a rest and don't forget to feed her with the medicine I've prescribed for her."

"Will she be okay?" My husband asked again.

I wanted to open my eyes and talk to them as well about what's really happening to me, but I can't. I can't open my eyes because the light illuminates so bright that makes me dazzled. I can't also move my body so I just lay here in the soft bed.

"Of course. She will be okay soon. Just don't let her be in the place where it could remind her the tragedy she had experienced before," the doctor said.

"I'll try my best not to remind her with everything about it so she could moved on. Although it's hard for me as well because I can't handle my emotions whenever I think about our angel who passed away from that tragedy."

"My wife is always hallucinating as if she can see her. Our little baby girl who can't be with us again, because she's already in the paradise with our Creator," my husband replied with the doctor with a sob.

Hearing the words from my husband made me cry even more. Maybe, that's the reason why am I attached to that little kid. Because, she is my little baby who is now dead, because of that tragedy.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading.

Pardon me if you have encountered grammatical errors from this story. I'm always willing to accept any corrections from you.

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