Stop the Doubt, Start Now!

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"Every noble work is at first impossible."

This quote made by Thomas Carlyle hits me big time as I am browsing my English Literature book. It reminds me of those things that I want to do but I am doubting myself if I can accomplish them. Have you experienced that too? That feeling wherein you are not sure when to start because you have your doubt?

Every one of us can do something. We can accomplish everything we wish to as long as we have the dedication to do so. But sometimes the fear is dominating our mind. We are scared to try because we are overthinking a lot. We are always thinking about the negative results, not the positive outcomes. We are afraid of the disappointment we might feel because of the expectations of other people or even from ourselves.

But, let me tell you this. Do you think you can succeed if you didn't start? Do you imagine yourself achieving something without you even trying?

Of course NOT! It will always start within you. If you didn't act, then there are no results at all. You have to do something. You have to work in achieving what your mind and heart desire. Nothing will happen if you do nothing.

Think of those people who are once a doubters but when they start on doing what they want, they are now an achiever. Think of those people who never quit despite the struggles they've been through while in the process of achieving success, and now they are successful. Think of those people who are being awarded for being excellent, do you think they would achieved that if they didn't start and work at all?

Those are the things that keep on wandering in my mind while doubting myself. I am always thinking of the "what ifs" negatively.

What if it's a wrong decision to try this?

What if it will harm me in the end?

What if I will just disappoint myself after doing this.

What if other people will judge me?

What if I fail?

You know what? Mistakes are part of achieving success. If you don't want to start something just because you don't want to commit mistakes, then definitely you will not succeed.

Think of those successful people like Thomas Alba Edison who failed 10,000 times before perfecting the incandescent electric light bulb. I really admire him. He has dedication until he came up with a perfect invention. He did not quit. He did not lose hope despite of the mistakes he been through, because he has the goal that he really wants to attain. I really admire his mindset as well. According to him, he had not failed at all, but he just found out ten thousand ways that could not work. See? That should be our mindset too when it comes to attaining something we really love to.

Don't feel discouraged with the mistakes you might possibly commit when doing something. It's a part of learning. If you fail, you are getting closer to success if you don't quit. Winners are those who never give up despite of the challenges coming in their way. They still start and continue achieving their goals despite of the obstacles trying to hinder their way towards the trophy of life. They never doubt their capabilities because they believe on their selves that they can do it. We should be like that too. As early as now, claim yourself as a winner. A winner who never lose hope and still continue in walking towards the right path of success.

Your dreams may be impossible now but after achieving it, you will realize that it is actually possible. You will know that doubts are just pulling you back from the door of possibility waiting for you inside. Let your abilities and confidence push you in that door full of opportunities and hope.

Start now, and try to take away all your worries and doubts. Those will not help you at all. They are like monsters whose trying to devour the hope and light in you. Always have the confidence in trying something. Don't be afraid. Everyone fails but not everyone quits. Failures do not define your success in life. Your dedication is. Striving for success is better than just depending on luck or what the destiny says about your future. Work hard not just always going with the flow.

If you don't start, what will be the end?

How can you come up with a result without you even trying?

Always have the courage to start and try something new. Don't just always doubt, do it with the belief of succeeding on it. Face your fears, so you can face the best version of you as well. If you want something, work for it and face it without fears. Stop doubting, it won't get you far. Start now, and you will know how far you'll come.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading. I hope this article somewhat gives you hope in accomplishing or achieving something you really want to. You can do it! I'm rooting for your success. ❤️

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