Learning from Experiences: Learn to Start Over Again

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Not everything we do comes up with a great result.

We all experience failures, disappointments, and regrets in something we did in the past. Some already gave up, some are trying to get up.

Others are afraid to try again because what if they will fail again?

What if it's not really for them?

What if there's no progress again?

There are many what ifs when trying again which are actually normal and okay. But just like what I'm always saying on my previous motivational articles, what's not okay is to give up easily.

There's nothing wrong with trying again if you know that the path you're pursuing is worth fighting for. If you know that everything is worthy to pursue, you have to find ways to get in there no matter how slow the process is.

Furthermore, trying again is not easy yet you already have the advantages with you. You already have a teacher with you — your experience. Remember you're not starting from scratch again unlike your first try.

When I'm scrolling on my Instagram feed yesterday, I saw this post from thegoodquote which grabbed my attention that leads me to write this article and share it with you all today.

Source: thegoodquote (Instagram)

It may seem simple but the message is impactful especially to those who are afraid to try again. A simple yet motivational post that will push us to regain our energy to try pursuing a path again that almost faded from our sight for we almost gave up on it.

Failures are not signs to give up, they are teachers that will guide us in trying again. We should learn from our experiences, and not give up from our previous failures.

What if your unsuccessful try is just an obstacle that you need to past in order to reach success?

What if you already gave up from your previous failures, without knowing that your next try will now lead you to success?

Do you want to let yourself live in regrets?

If no, then learn to try again.

I have this friend who is afraid to continue her college life again. When she was in first year college, she unfortunately stopped because she failed to get decent grades in her class. She said everything's difficult for her and she thought that having that degree isn't actually for her. She decided to pursue a different path yet always gets sad whenever she sees people pursuing the degree she pursued before. And now, she approached me and ask if it's still okay to continue even if she stopped for two years, if it's still okay to try again.

Of course, I said yes and encouraged her to light up that motivation again. That it's not too late to try again as there's actually no timeline to succeed.

I said that she now have the advantage in trying again. Just like what I've said earlier, she's not going to start from the scratch as she already have the experiences before. She can now prevent herself from doing the same mistakes again, and learn to improve from it.

I just hope that for this coming enrollment, she will really enroll herself for that dream degree of her.


It may sound cliché but learning from our experiences and learning to try again are timeless motivation to get closer to our dreams. It may not always easy to do so, but if we have the courage and perseverance to succeed no matter how life gets hard, we we still succeed.

Just be diligent, courageous, and determined enough to taste the sweet success we're all dreaming of.

Author's Note:

First of all, I want to say thank you for leaning your time to read this article. I hope, you gained valuable knowledge from it that may help yoy in whatever aspect you have there.

Second, thank you for those who are supporting me in my journey here. From my readers, sponsors, and friends, thank you for always being there.

Lastly, I hope we will all have a prosperous day everyday, and a life full of blessings from above. Godbless us all. ❤️

Date Published: June 10, 2022

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When you failed, start again. But the moment you start all over again, you are already wiser, stronger, and most importantly, ready to conquer :)

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1 year ago

Exactly. Not a newbie anymore, but a stronger and wiser one.

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1 year ago