In Another World, with Another You?

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2 years ago

"What if there's someone who looks exactly like you in another world?

"That's an awful idea girl! Everyone of us are unique and we only have one world and that is where we are living now. Duhhhh!!!"

Me and my best friend are here inside of the classroom, chatting about random things. She is insisting her idea about that look-alike thingy. Maybe, she's just stressed because we have tons of school works needed to be accomplished since it is already our finals.

"Have you heard about that Parallel Universe girl?"

Here we go again, she's really into it. Why can't she accept that everyone of us was born with unique features and no ones are exactly alike.

"No. What's that?"

Asking as if I don't know the term, but actually, I have full knowledge about it. I just don't believe the concept itself since it is not yet proven by experts.

"OMG! I thought your fond of sci-fi books and movies," she said while rolling her eyes.

"Okay okay. I'll just explain it to you." She's so cute with that hand gestures of her. She is like a teacher whose already annoyed with her student who can't understand what she's explaining.

"According to the theory about parallel universe, there are other worlds aside from where we are living now, and in that world there exists the persons who look exactly like us. You know, it is when a single atom exist at the same time but in different worlds." She said with full conviction.

" You're just tired aren't you? Those concepts are purely fictional and doesn't even exist in real life, okay?"

"Whatever. But, me I am always been a believer of that theory," she said while glaring at me.

"Okay, girl. I respect your idea. By the way, are we not having our class today? I am patiently waiting for almost an hour already, but where's Ms. Cruz?" I asked her back.

"I don't know. Maybe she's being devoured with laziness again so she can't meet us today. Hahaha"

"What a lazy one. I'll just take a nap for a while, just wake me up if she's already here, okay?" I said to her while yawning already.

"Yeah, go ahead. You sleepy head."

I am really sleepy as of this moment because I slept late last night watching Kdrama. I think I only have 4 hours of sleep that night.

With my eyes half open and mouth yawning, everything went black...

tweet🎶 tweet🎶 tweet🎶🎶🎶

The sweet sounds of the singing birds woke me up in the middle of sleep.

I opened my eyes and look around with confused face.

Why am I alone here? Is it already dismissal time? Where's my best friend Kathy?

The moment I opened my eyes I couldn't see anyone with me inside the four corners of our classroom. The chairs are properly arranged and the floor was already shiny as if it was being wiped with floor wax. The electric fan was already off that made me realized why am I covered with sweats.

I think, I'm the only one left here, so I gotta go as well. I look at my watch on my left wrist and it's only 3:40 PM in the afternoon.


As far as I remember, I slept 3:25 PM earlier, so it means I sleep for only 15 minutes. But, why am I left alone here in just a short span of time. It's too early for dismissal because we have our class until 4:00 PM.

Oh, maybe there is an activity that required them to go to the covered court. You know, those activities which needed wide space to be able to perform effectively.

I stood from my seat and walked towards the brown wooden door of our classroom. The moment I stepped outside our classroom, I looked around the corridors but no one's there.

What in the world is happening? Is it just a dream?

I immediately walked to the direction heading to the covered court but I can't heard any voice which indicated that there are no students there.

I looked for my phone inside my backpack to call my best friend about what's happening, but I am dumbfounded with what I saw.

The things inside my bag are completely different with what are supposed to be there.

There is a green spiral notebook there which I am not familiar with. I opened it thinking that maybe I've just got a wrong bag which is supposed to be my classmate's belonging, but I was wrong. The name written in a cursive font is my name.

How does it happen?

There are also make-ups, tablet, different colors of gel pen, Iphone, black Louis Vuitton wallet, and a blue book designed with starts and galaxy.

I took the book because it is very attractive with that aesthetic designs. It seems like my eyes glowed with how beautiful it is, and it looks very magical.

I opened the book and my eyes widen with what I saw.

In all caps letters, the word "PARALLEL UNIVERSE" greeted me.

The light suddenly illuminates from the book and it made me dazzled so much.

I don't know what's happening.

Am I just dreaming?

I saw a familiar silhouette behind the book I'm holding. Even if I can't clearly see who is it because of the shining light, I already have an idea seeing that familiar physique.

It was a person who looks exactly like me. A long wavy hear, chinky eyes, pointy nose, curvy lips and a chubby cheeks. She is as white as snow, with an estimated 5'2 ft. height.

My knees are trembling and I can feel myself shivering because of fear.

What's happening? Why does she looks exactly like me? Is it just a mirror? But, there's no mirror here a while ago.

With tons of questions in my mind, I don't know but everything went black.

I woke up in a familiar room feeling the soft texture of a bed in my back. I was already in my own room here in our house.

I stood from my bed and walk towards the open window. The surrounding is already dark, that's why the light from the neighboring houses are already on.

I look up the sky, and the stars and moon are shining brightly.

It's already evening.

With that thought, I wonder why did I manage to go home because as far as I remember I was in the school a while back when something strange happened. I can't clearly explain and understand that. It's just so impossible to happen. Is it even real? Or was just a dream?

The sound of the door filled my ears and my mom entered my room.

Since I am confused especially about how did I manage to go home, I asked her, "Mom... Can you tell me how did I go home earlier? Did Kathy brought me here or what?"

She replied, "what are you saying? You've just got home earlier with yourself, without your friend. You don't even greet me that time and you just walk straight into your room and sleep. So, I just thought that maybe you're tired from school."

That made my jaw dropped and became more confused. What the? I can't remember going home earlier. I can't remember heading to my room to sleep without greeting my mom. Is it possible that I'm not that person whom my mother saw?

The memories of what happened earlier wandered in my mind again.

The school without any people but me. The bag with things I'm not familiar with. The green notebook where my name was written in cursive. The expensive things that I can't afford since I'm a broke student. The book with a "Parallel universe" written in front page. And the girl who looks exactly like me.


Is it possible?

Did I just experienced that parallel universe?

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading guys!

Sorry for the grammatical errors you might encounter.

Loveyouguys!!! 😘

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