How Are You, My Friend?

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2 years ago

How are you, my friend?

Are you still okay?

We haven't seen each other for a long time already.

Did you miss me?

Did you still remember our funny moments before?

When we are being chased by an aggressive dog and we seem helpless that time.

When we are stuck in the CR for how many hours because it was accidentally locked.

When our 4th grade teacher scolded us for chit-chatting during class.

When we are being accused as crazy because of laughing hard.

When we were so happy by having high grade in Science.

When we we share our foods together as if we were in a picnic.

When we are fond of playing "touch the body" even if it's just the two of us.

When we never ran out of stories even for the whole day of talking.

When we communicate with each other by just staring.

When we have each other's back in every situation.

When we don't keep secrets to each other because we treat each others like sisters.

When you are always protecting me from bullies who are fond of calling me "pig"

When I am fighting against your enemies too who called you "stick"

I am fat, you are thin.

We are totally opposite in terms of physical traits.

But, emotionally we share the same characteristics.

When we hate the same person at the same time is epic.

When we want to slap that dog-faced but our conscience always win.

When things get worse, we never fight.

We never argue because our friendship is so precious and nothing can break us apart.

When we are fond of buying the same thing as if we are twins.

When we bought twnning bracelets like loom bands but it easily broke after how many weeks of using.

When we buy clothes with same designs but we never wear it again because of the small sizes.

When we laugh at each other's jokes even if we already heard it before.

When we pretend to be choked when we saw sweet couples dating in the plaza.

When we rather read books than being engaged with boys.

When no one courted us before, but we didn't care at all.

I really miss you, my friend.

Since we parted our ways in High School, I rarely talked with you.

You've got to meet your new friends their, same with me tho.

I know you are happy with them, and here I am trying to be joyful as well just like you.

But, the feeling of being with you will never be replaced by anyone but you.

Are you feeling the same way too?

When the pandemic came, I lose the chance to meet you in person again.

We rarely chat on our social media accounts because we both are busy with everything.

As much as I want to keep in touch with you again,

I know it would be hard for us given by today's situation we are facing.

But, always remember that I am always here, ready to listen in just one ring.

You can call me if you need something.

You can message me if you want to ask something.

I am always be here for you, even if you don't feel the same thing.

I hope you are doing fine.

Don't stress yourself too much, my friend.

I am always proud of you, no matter how small or big your achievements are.

I am always here cheering you up, even if we are apart.

And I am always praying for your safety.

If you're sad, just call me.

If you have problems, just message me.

If you need something, just ask me.

I am always be here for you, no matter what.

If you want to see me, I am just one call away.

Even if you forgot about my existence,

memories of you will never fade in my heart and mind.

You are always included in my prayers.

You will still be one of the reasons why I am continue living, not just existing.

Someday, we will reach our dreams together.

Maybe apart, but tied by heart.

Just always trust God, and we will reach of our hearts desire.

Someday, we will meet again.

I just hope that our friendship never changed.

But, I am just fooling myself If said that thing.

Because, I am aware that something really happened.

But, whatever happens, you will still be my best friend.

Even if time passed by for how many years, our memories together will remained.

It is treasured together with those memories.

And nothing can take that away from us.

I love you, my friend.

I hope we can see each other again.

But, for the last time, I just want to ask you this, my best friend.


Author's Note:

This is dedicated to my best friend whom I've never get in touched with for a long time already. I miss you, my dearest best friend. I hope we'll meet again. ❤️

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2 years ago