HAPPINESS: Is it a Destination or a Journey?

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We all have different views or opinions about happiness. We define it differently based on our experiences and our personal life itself.

Basically, when we say Happiness, it a pleasurable and satisfying feeling that resulted from a positive things. For some people, happiness is all about having a complete family, having true friends that are always there and never leaves, having material things, getting high grades, having love life, being rich, being pretty, and many others. At the same time, happiness is not about having what you really want in life, but being grateful for everything you have.

So I have here the question, "Is happiness a destination or a journey?" Is happiness a destination or your end goal? Or a journey wherein it is the process itself in achieving your goals?

For me, it is both a destination and a journey. Why?

Let's start first on the happiness as a journey since it is the first thing to do before reaching the destination.

In achieving or accomplishing things we want, I think we should be happy with the process itself. While working on it, happiness should always be in our heart and soul. It is important to enjoy every moment, celebrate small achievements and learn from failures that will soon become our stepping stone in reaching our destination. Some says that if you are happy with what you're doing, life would become easier, and success will come near you.

Happiness is all we need in our daily life. It doesn't only depends on the achievements we earned or the destination we've reached. Even the smaller things can make us happy especially if we have that mindset of being contented and grateful with what we have and never envious of other people's lives. Life itself is a journey so live life to the fullest by doing everything that makes us happy.

So, let's move on the other side of the question which "Happiness as a destination." For me, it is also a destination because the sweet triumph of finally achieving our goals gives us a very satisfying and overwhelming feeling that makes our heart happy. Have you ever experience the heart-warming emotions after accomplishing something, or after finally reaching your desired destination? That kind of happiness doesn't only defines after you reached something, but also in reminiscing all the challenges and struggles you've managed to pass for you to finally achieve success. The happiness wherein your hardworks have been paid off, and all the bitterness you've tasted before was now been replaced by sweet triumph.

Another example to further explain the answer to the question is the life of being a student. I am using this example, because currently I am a student also, and I think I could relate with this one, not just me but also to my fellow students out there.

Being a student is our journey. We go to school everyday to learn from our teachers and classmates and to share our knowledge and stories to them. We are managing our time to accomplish every activities we need to finish and participate in the class that makes learning a more effective one.

But, while we are in the process of reaching our goal/destination which is to graduate someday, we are also fond of finding and creating happiness within the four corners of our classroom. We form bonds with our classmates and even with our teachers and that becomes one of our motivations to study harder despite of the difficulties in learning. We are creating memories with them, laughs everytime they cracks jokes or do stupid things, cry because of failing grades, and support each other in everything. The journey of being a students brings joy and creates unforgettable memories that are worth to remember forever.

When the time comes in which we are at the point of graduating and finally reaching our destination after a long journey of being a student, we will feel very happy at that moment. The sacrifices and hardships will be paid off and the happiness we feel is priceless. We will then experience mixed emotions like being happy because we've finally reach our goals, and sad at the same time because we will surely missed the happy moments we've once shared with our fellow schoolmates and that became our friends.

Happiness is about being contented and satisfied with everything in our life. Whether we are just in the process of reaching your goals, or we are already in the point of our destination, there is a what we call HAPPINESS.

It doesn't matter what situation you are currently in, because as long you are grateful with everything and you have a positive mindset, you will feel the Happiness. Do things that brings you joy and surround yourself with people who makes you feel delighted and comfortable. Your journey must be a happy one and not something who brings out the stress in you.

I know there are ups and downs in our life. If you have that melancholic feeling inside you, find ways to be happy again. There are many things out there that can bring out the happiness inside you. If you can't find it, then create it.

Don't let yourself stuck on the dark side of life. Find the sunshine, or be the sunshine and light up your journey to reach your destination happily :)

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