Be Happy In Our Own Way

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Be happy in our own way, and with our own selves.

Sometimes, most of us can't smile without depending on others. We often laugh when we are around those people we are comfortable with. It's just okay, I guess. But, being sad without them and cannot be able to smile again when they are gone will never be okay.

Learn to be happy in our own way. We don't have to always depend our happiness with someone when in fact, nothing is permanent in this world. We cannot deny the fact that at the end of the day, we only have ourselves. Even though our loved-ones promised to be with us forever, we all know that they will leave eventually. Everything will change when time comes. We cannot force someone to stay with us eternally because in the first place, everything is changing.

Our life is dynamic. It will never be static. Same through with our happiness when we depend it on others. Imagine, if we found our happiness with someone then they eventually leave us, what will happen then? The sadness is very heart-breaking. It seems like our heart was broke into pieces and it will never be fixed again. It seems like million thorns stabbed our heart and the blood is dripping out of it that caused poignant pain.

We should learn how to be independent not just in terms of practical aspect of our life, but as well as our own happiness. We should not just be happy because we are with someone we love. Yes, it is so satisfying to be with a person who love and care for us. But, the fact that they will be gone soon is not good in our mental and emotional health. It so depressing seeing them gone and will never be back again. It's okay to love but don't let ourself to be fully attached with that person or thing.

We have different ways in order to find and create happiness in our own ways. These are:

1. Self-Love

Of course, the very first thing we should do is to love ourselves fully despite the flaws and imperfections we have. It doesn't matter how good looking or what are the attitudes we have, as long as we know how to care and love ourselves more than others, we will be genuinely happy in our lives. Common mistakes of other people is that they fully commit themselves with someone without realizing that they are lacking love for their own. Self-love is very important because just like what I've said earlier, we only have ourselves at the end of the day. If we know how to love ourselves, we will never be afraid of losing someone because we are already contented with our life and even if we are alone, we know how to make ourselves happy. Part of self-love are respecting ourselves before others, being disciplined enough to not meddle with other people's lives, learning to relax and not overthink about something we can't control, and trying our best to be the best version we can be.

2. Stop Begging

We don't have to beg for someone or something to stay with us forever. If they want to leave, then let them be. We don't have to beg for someone to love us so that we can be happy in life. True happiness will never be begged. It will emerge within ourselves. We don't have to wait or ask someone to brighten up our day. Don't ever beg for happiness.

3. Create our own happiness.

In relation to number 2, we don't have to beg for happiness because in the first place, we can create our own. Are you familiar with the quote "if you can't find happiness, then create it?" This quote wants to remind us that we are capable of creating our own happiness if we can't find it. There are many ways to create our own happiness. Some people can create their happiness by doing what they love and minding their own business. Sometimes, reading books, watching favorite movies and series, walking alone in the park, eating yummy foods, sleeping with the cold weather and cuddling our pets are some of the simple things we could do but could be resulted in a genuine happiness we are all longing for.

4. Be Confident

Always believe in ourselves that we can be happy in our own even without other's help. We should always carry that confidence wherein despite of the negativities we are all experiencing, at the end of the day there are still hundreds or even thousands of possibilities that we can be genuinely happy anytime soon. Don't lose hope. Time will come wherein the happiness we are always wanted to have is already there.

5. Always Trust God

Our Almighty God is always there for us to listen with our prayers and what our hearts feel. He will never leave us and He is always there to guide us along the way, and make us happy with the surprises He prepared for us. God's plan is always better than ours. Sometimes, we are questioning every struggle and sadness we felt before without us realizing that there is an unforgettable and irreplaceable happiness waiting for us in the end. Always put our trust in him. We will be happy soon, and we will just cry in genuine happiness because what our heart desires is already been answered by Him.

Those are the ways I think are very important if we want to be happy in our own ways. I am not saying that we have to be alone always instead of being with other people. What I mean is, we should not always depend on others to be happy. Of course, we also have to be with our friends and family to fill our life with love and care, but if ever that we will be placed in a circumstance wherein we are being left alone then, it is very important to learn how to be happy in our own way as early as possible. Yes, it will be painful at first, but eventually it will heal.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading my article for today. I hope you are happy and genuinely smiling right now after reading this. Always be happy no matter what. Sending you love and kisses. ๐Ÿ’•

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