Action and Karma

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Our actions have respective consequences that could either be good or bad. So, be careful in every steps we are making in our daily life.

As day passes by, we encountered different people in out life that act in different ways as we expected. We all have different attitudes and behaviors so we should respect that wholeheartedly but then, we can't assure that what other people did towards us won't have its consequences later.

I just want to share a short story about this topic that happened years ago. This story was experienced by my cousin and its not mine. Though, she gave me a permission to write an article about it but, she asked me to not mention her name.

I will just tell this story in first person point of view.

So, let's start.....

I have this friend that I treated like my sister. We've been so happy with each other's company but, I am not yet aware that time that she was hiding bad thoughts about me. We are always together especially when studying and I always helped her in her activities and projects as I knew how to do it since we're classmates. I am not aware that she's backstabbing me and that she hindered some of the opportunities that I supposed to grab. She's very nice in front of me but when I'm not around, she's fabricating negative stories about me.

Aside from that, some of my secrets were revealed because she told many people about it. I was so embarrassed when our common friends can't stop laughing when we met one day because they found out about my weird hobbies.

I know that I just told one person about it (pertaining to my friend) but I didn't accused her immediately because I thought of other possibilities for my secrets to be spread around bunch of people. I am thinking of several what ifs like:

What if there's someone behind us who heard about what we're talking about that time?

What if someone left a recording device to ruin my image?

I may sound like a fool for covering up my friend's betrayal to my own self, but I can't blame myself also especially because I have a full trust on her. She was my friend and I considered her as my sister, so never did it cross my mind that she will betray while we're together.

The story goes on and she suddenly became distant and mean to me. I don't know what I have done wrong but I still approach and apologize to her if ever that I unconsciously offended her. I wanted to preserve the friendship, but she was not cooperating in strengthening the bond between us, so I let her go.

Days had passed, I slowly realized everything that I am just taken for granted for my friend's own benefits. She just befriended me because of her failing grades. She wanted to lift her grades but she can't do it on her own so she befriended me to help her in academic. I don't regret that I helped her because I know to myself that I genuinely lean my hand to her as a friend. But, I am disappointed with the fact that after she got what she wants from me, she dumped like a useless toy.

Even though I was hurt and enraged, I didn't think of doing a revenge for her to experience what I feel. I trusted God about the consequences of my friend's actions toward me, and I just prayed for her to learn a lesson and to change whatever attitude or behavior she currently have.

Even though I didn't planned a revenge and never did I lay a finger on her, she still got the karma and lesson she deserved. It turns out that her boyfriend whom she loved and trusted fully betrayed or let's just say, cheated on her. Her boyfriend just courted her because of money, and when my former friend experienced a financial crisis, her boyfriend left her and he finds other woman who can provide his needs.

I feel bad for my former friend, but I think, it's just her karma for what she did before. And, I know that her boyfriend who committed a sin to her will meet his karma too in the future.

The end....


Whatever steps we make, there's a consequences behind it. We should always be carefully in every decisions we are making and just to be sure, let's be a better person with a golden heart. If we did something good, the consequences will be as good as it. But, if we did something bad, expect that a negative karma will come.

On that note, let's just be nice always, always do what is good and right, and never mess up with anyone to avoid having a messy life.

Author's Note:

I want to express my gratitude for those who are consistently supporting me everytime I'm publishing my works. To all of my old and new readers, thank you very much for always leaning your time in reading my articles. And to my sponsors, I am so grateful for having you all, I hope you are all doing fine and happy.

May God bless you always! πŸ˜‡β€οΈ

Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…

Date Published: December 7, 2021

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2 years ago
Topics: Good, Bad, Actions, Karma, Friends


Do not do unto others what you do not want to do unto you. Kung anong ginawa nating kusa itong balik sa Atin. Maya we have to do good as long as possible. Kasi karma is real

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2 years ago

Tama po, babalik talaga sa atin kung anong ginawa natin, that's why mas magandang gumawa nalang ng mabuti kaysa sa masama para hindi tayo magwoworry sa possible consequences nun.

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2 years ago

Yes indeed

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2 years ago