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Some issues about wife and husband

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1 year ago

I agree to that a good wife should support her husband morale and letting him know how good a person he was. but the reality is not like that marriage is indeed a sacred union between a man and a woman. it is a contract between the two of you and our Creator thats how devine the marriage.

both have different duties a good wife is a light of the house and a good husband is the wa upright or pillar of the house.

the lasting relationship will vary in these two people failure is part of every relationship it is how you hold on and leave. even if your the good wife in the eye of everyone he may still cheat same with women. human has this things of never contentment that where Jins appear.

as woman duties toward his husband is to make him feel loved and only him taking care of the kids and to him. making the house clean. talk to him and laugh with him. bringing him to the right way and only to that way if he choose a different way let him at least you guide him to that. we all have free will. that the duties of the wife for me.

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1 year ago

So nice

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