The unmatchable combo of Llama + Venari Knifer

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1 year ago

What’s up my fellow splinterlands folks!

I hope you all are having a splendid day in this weekend. My weekend is also going good and the splinterlands season on the other hand has also come near the end with only 3 days left for us to reach our Goal Spot.

This is the first season with the brand new reward update for Ranked play and I guess we are going to see a lot of changes in the season loot chests as we are seeing into the Daily focus chests. The other day, I got Life focus as my daily mission. I was recharging my ECR bar for last 3 days and also have pushed myself to Champ III. So, today as I started playing for the Focus, I was getting approx 60k FP per ranked win and also crossing every focus chest with just one win at beginning at 2 win later in. So, without wasting too much ECR, I made it to 9 focus chests and also jumped up too Champ II, But currently playing back in Champ III as I lost some trophies today.

Now, taking a look at the market, another big downtrend has affected the market cap brutally with BTC going below 27,500$ and also my beloved ETH which even came down 1500$ for some time. The splinter tokens also got heavily affected because of the dip. The main in game token DEC is currently being traded for 0.00087$ per unit with a -2.96% price change in last 24 hours. SPS also lost a bit value in last couple of days and currently being traded for 0.067$ per unit. However, Vouchers haven't lost much of a value and currently being sold for 1.1$ per unit.


Let us now take a turn from here and move towards to my main theme as today, As you all have guessed already, I am going to showcase the Venari Knifer monster from Chaos edition.

Venari Knifer is a common type monster card that got released with the Chaos edition. It costs 6 mana to be used in the battlefield and it’s attack type is melee. Now, let us take a further look at it’s tier wise stat.

  • Bronze

At level 3, this Knifer possesses 3 melee attack At 5 speed with 6 health and also has the thorns ability since its initial level even at bronze level. this monster speed is enough to evade some enemy attacks.

  • Silver

At level five, the Knifer’s overall stat gets increased with 3 Melee attack at 5 speed with 8 health along with the thorns ability.

  • Gold

At a level eight this monster gets 3 mile attack at six speed with eight health and also gets another ability backfire. If an attacker misses his target on a monster with backfire ability, the attacker gets back 2 damage.

  • Diamond/Champ

At level 10, the Knifer’s stat goes to ultimate level with 4 melee attack at 6 speed with 9 health along with those 2 abilities that I mentioned above.

  • Important points about Venari Knifer

First of all, Knifer’s speed is exceptional in the tiers. He has 5 speed in Bronze and silver and 6 speed at Gold to max. At this speed, he will most probably attack at first while on the other hand, it may also evade some enemy attacks.

Secondly, it’s Backfire ability combined with high speed results a good defence with which you may hurt some enemy melee and range monsters. Because of the high speed, it has more chance of evading melee and range attacks and hence more chance of damaging them via Backfire.

The high powered melee attack of the Knifer can’t be avoided as well. Even at bronze level, he does possess 3 melee attack whearas in Diamond level, he get 4 melee attack. This brutal attacks will help you kill those enemy cards faster.

Market Stat

The single BCX cards of Venari Knifer are starting from 0.069$ per BCZ and will cost you from 78.33 dec and onwards. There are also some high level Knifers available currently at the splinterlands cards market on low pricing you are interested.

Battle Line-up


mana Cap: 14

Splinters allowed: Fire, Water, Earth, Death and Dragon.


Stampede - The Trample ability can be triggered multiple times in this battle by any monster if it kills the target.

Noxious Fumes - All monster start battling with getting poisoned in this battle.

Well, it was only a 14 mana limit match that I got this time and with 2 match rulesets - Stampede and Noxious Fumes. Now, if I would have use more number of small mana cost monsters over a big monster, the poison effect would have killed them faster. That’s why I chose the llama + Knifer combo in this match and hope it goes well.


This time, I got a Mini mana limit match with the Trample + Noxious Fumes ruleset. After some thinking, I decided to use the Legendary Earth summoner Llama with the Venari Knifer. The Knifer's stats will get buffed up by the llama's Last Stand ability and with it's high speed, it will harder to target it with those trample monsters. On the other hand, it will remove the poison effect on the Knifer with cleanse buff.


I decided to use the Llama + Knifer combo in this match respecting the mana limit and rulesets. I am hoping good results when the llama activates the Last Stand ability upon the Knifer. I am using a level 10 Knifer in her and it possesses 4 melee attack at 6 speed with 9 health along with 2 abilities - Thorns and Backfire.

Match Result

As the match lineups got revealed, I found out that my opponent has chosen the Dragon legendary 2 mana summoner Prince Julian against me. He has placed the Ruler of the Seas as his front defence, followed by the Furious Chicken, Doctor Blight and Kelp Initiate at the end of his lineup. He has chosen 2 over powered magic monsters against me further powered up by Kelp initiate who will remove the poison from the card at first position every round and will also heal backline wounded monsters with Triage. So. It will be an interesting match and hard to guess who will win. Let us now follow the match and see how it goes.

As the first round of the latch started, My Venari Knifer gets quickly buffed up with increased overall stats thanks to the Last Stand buff from LLAMA and it also removed

the poison from the Knifer. The knifer is now having 6 melee attack at 9 speed with 16 health and of course he attacked the first and took down the poor Ruler with just one blow of his overpowered melee attack. The enemy chicken thus came at front and the Doctor attacked and also applied poison upon the Knifer and the round ended here.

Next at second round, every monster got their health reduced because of poison. But my llama again cleansed the Knifer and he attacked again and this time he took down the Chicken, leaving the Doctor as the only attacking card left in enemy side. The Doctor attacked next and this time he applied the Affliction ability upon my Knifer. But there’s healing work going on in my lineup this time so that wont affect me.

At third round, my Knifer again attacked the first and this time, he took down the Doctor with his furious melee attack. Now, only the attack less Kelp Initiate was left alive on the opponent’s lineup and it hot taken care at the later round and I scored another ranked victory here.

The match was surely interesting this time as my opponent also came up with a unique lineup. He wanted to cleanse out the Ruler and make it a pain upon me. He also choose the Kelp initiate to heal the wounded backline monsters who probably will get affected by the poison.

I hoped you enjoyed the match that I shared above and also loved the performance of the Llama and Knifer duet. Do you also own a Knifer and play with it or just choose other monsters over it? Let me know you feelings in the comment below and I will be visiting you all in my next post.

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