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As we all know, in recent times we have had to adopt the largest percentage of the children's school classes from home, and for this has been very useful the use of various social networks such as WhatsApp, facebook, which allow home-school contact and facilitate communication, and we have also relied on the use of the internet to search for information and tools for better development of activities.

It is very true that the internet connection in the student stage can bring its benefits, especially under these pandemic conditions, such as direct and fast access to information, since currently it can be expensive and difficult to acquire books, encyclopedias, magazines, among others, while with the internet you can find a variety of information, images, videos and others.

As well as didactic games and practical exercises related to the topics studied, it serves as a support, and can create in them the interest to investigate, deepen on something in particular that is interesting to them, at the same time allows them to know the new technological tools that will be of help later.

However, it should be noted that although the use of the Internet has its advantages, it is also important that we guide them in its use because we run many risks when it is not used correctly. It is especially important to pay attention when children and young people show great interest and want to be connected to the Internet for a long time and do so unsupervised. They should be guided, supervised and not prohibited, since ignorance of use is also a cause of problems.

I am particularly interested in seeking information related to the subject to guide my 6 year old son and use the right tools to help me control and make the most of its use.

It is important for parents to research and read about the topic of new technologies and social networks, especially what can or cannot be allowed depending on the age to better understand what their children want or use, since due to lack of knowledge they can be given a bad orientation, or be allowed to use them without knowing what they are about.

There is a space reality that we cannot ignore, and it is the fact of a series of surprising events that occur in our universe, these events are studied by astronomers and scientists whose findings are surprising and allow us to have an idea of what happens outside our planet.

The materials that make up some elements of outer space manage to form clouds, planets and even extreme temperatures if we take into account the comparison with those we have on earth, perhaps the imagination is not enough to think about all the phenomena that we can find so that later they can be discussed in our most common social chats.

They were not wrong when from a very young age we began to be educated about the fact that the universe is so big that it is considered infinite in size, all these leads me to analyze that its greatness in size makes that we can estimate within it the occurrence of any type of phenomenon, reason why the phenomena that are impossible to occur on our planet may occur in our vast universe.

The disadvantage that I personally see in relation to the study that the human being can make to the universe is that the immensity of the universe makes that probably we will never get to know with exactitude the magnitude of its greatness, as much in size as in the absolute of the occurrence of all the physical and chemical phenomena that are gestated in it.

How big is the universe?

Perhaps the exact number at least of the diameter of the universe is what matters less, what I assure you is that it must have a very large number of light years away, what can really surprise us is that a staggering figure of the distance of its diameter is only about a part of the observable universe, so it would freak me out enough just to think of the lengths that would be the diameter of the entire universe at all, all this may seem like very large numbers, but the reality is that if we think that it will take an infinity of time to travel the entire diameter of the universe, the more is the time that the universe has been in existence.

In scales that seems surprising to us, the earth takes a year to make its translation movement around the sun, however if we compare that time with the time it takes the sun to travel around the milky way is approximately 200 million years. Logically this time is so long not because the sun travels at a minimum speed, but because the size of our galaxy is very large.

In order not to make this post so long I want to analyze another fact of great relevance that gives a sense of analysis to the possible readings that users give to this post, it is about the fact that we can get to surprise so many things in the universe and outer space outside our planet, but if all that set of curiosities revolve around the universe, then more curiosity should give us all the questions that may arise before the birth of the universe, so it is worth asking the following question:

What was there before the Big Bang?

For human thought there is nothing more curious than to know what existed before the universe was formed, given the immensity and infinity of the universe as I mentioned before, it is difficult to know all the mysteries that it hides, so perhaps humanity will never get convincing answers about what existed before the universe was formed.

It is not a mere whim to say that we will never know what existed before the universe was formed, since scientifically and perhaps with the empirical knowledge that humanity has, it is impossible to know.

It would be fascinating for each one of us to take it as a practical mental exercise to not only imagine what could have existed before the bigbang explosion, but also to imagine what could have existed before the bigbang explosion.

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