The relationship between parents and their children and the teaching of values

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When it comes to raising our children, as parents we will always want to give them the best, in most cases parents try to give them what we could not have, at other times we try to just pamper and forget how important it is to raise our children in balance.

Balancing all of this will depend to a great extent on the way we raise our children. There should always be a give and take, give to receive. This builds the child's character from a young age, where he/she must fight for what he/she wants to receive later on. We must make the most of it, when they are in full development of their personality, since they are a sponge, they absorb everything more easily and their retention ability is greater.

Regarding the overprotection that we should have with our children, the healthiest thing is that the child can experience in a prudent way the environment in which he is, interacting with other children will help him to have a greater ability to relate to other children. It will also help him to understand more easily that he will not always be with his parents, he will have to go to kindergarten, school and other institutions.

As the identity process is developing in the first years of the child's life, he will have a greater projection with one of the parents, in the case of a girl, he will be more in tune with the mother's side, but if it is a boy, he will look for the father. In the same way, this does not mean that the child does not feel attachment to his mother or vice versa. What we must take into account is, when the opposite happens to the child's sex and its attachment is not the correct one. Then, we must teach which is the child's sex, obviously later on.

The quality of life that we can give him does not have to be directly linked to our economic part, it is important to recognize that it is quality of life, that is to say, the most important thing in this case is that the child has everything necessary in terms of care and the most important needs. Such as food, good stimulation, keeping the child clean, vitamins, cleanliness, and feeling safe.

Part of the great increase of murders, mistreatment, violence that is being observed, is a product of lack of affection that probably these people since childhood has marked them, the lack of affection in childhood as well as sexual aggressions, are the main detonators of so many pathologies developed in adolescence. That is to say, what happens to us in childhood marks us for the future... Love, it is of great importance that the child feels loved, in a home where there is no lack of affection, will have a positive reinforcement in the child, a loved child will have better performance when studying, will feel more enthusiastic when learning.

When it comes to educate our children we must always take into account that education is not only studying, education as its name says is to educate from an early age, instilling values, that is, respect, sincerity, honesty, simplicity. There is an effective way to involve the child, with values, through role playing. A child does not understand terms, but if they are very intelligent and experts in repeating things, then, by changing roles, we can transmit education in a didactic, creative and enthusiastic way.

An anecdote that I can comment; I remember that a few days ago I had the opportunity to meet a child, I am (Counselor) in an institution, this child of only about 7 years, tells me that at home her parents are not with her at the time of doing her homework, then, I asked, who supervises you? To which she replied, no one, but your homework is perfectly fine, it just so happens that my parents don't have time to be with me, so I have nothing else to do, just my homework to show them that I can do it alone, so when they can, they will set aside time for me.

It is not easy to hear a child say this, it also shows how motivated they can be to want the affection and attention of their parents. Those people who are parents, if they have a lot of work, we must leave time for the biggest project of their life. It is their children. The basis of life, what gives sense of existence, we must be more aware of our behavior towards them. They just want to be loved at this stage and feel that their parents are looking out for them. (attention)

In order to succeed in educating our children, we must create a bond, where trust is the basis of everything, where the child can feel at ease, if you get your child to trust you, you can get a lot out of it. Take note: aggression only brings aggression, it is not necessary to hit to impose, we can do it through what the child likes, as I said before, in a game of give and take, if the child behaves well we can reward him, if the opposite happens, then, it is not rewarded.

Finally, when reprimanding, do not use vulgar words, do not raise your voice, because this will only mark them, so much so that tomorrow they will probably be someone with an unbalanced personality, an impulsive, explosive person.... Mistreatment is not only physical, the worst mistreatment is the one that is given verbally, it hurts more and marks much more. So watch your words, avoid saying bad words in front of your children.

May your day be as good as mine, may your day be as healthy as your food. Happy day. Take care, in times of pandemic it is always good to be united.

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