The loss of a loved one

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3 years ago
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The loss of someone we appreciate and are used to always seeing is not something easy to process, the grief we face when we lose someone we love has no word or name to describe so much pain. To be able to grieve, accepting that we will no longer have that person is hard enough, especially when the person has earned our total appreciation.

We can meet many people in the path of life, but how easy it is to be able to tell who really earn our most sincere affection, it is not easy to accept that someone, who was seen with so much life to live and fabric to cut has ended up going in another direction, even worse, the feeling of loss is not equalized with anything, the emptiness we feel has no name, nothing fills it, nothing calms you and we just want to be alone. Thinking at what moment everything happened, the truth was so fast that we did not realize that he has already left, this is how it always happens.

Today someone special has left, unfortunately this pandemic has not allowed me to see her, I regret not being able to be in such a difficult moment, I regret much more that you are gone and I could not give you a last hug. Remembering you as you were will be my greatest joy, I have always said that if we want to immortalize someone, the easiest way is in the portrait of our mind, there remains intact, goodbye to the woman who one day helped me become a better person, I will always be able to say that I had the opportunity to meet an angel, but even more I can say that I have met the most warrior woman I have ever seen in my life.

It will not be easy for me to accept that you have gone to a place where I cannot go, I will be able to look for you in my dreams and remember those moments when we used to have fun.

Life's paths are hard enough to accept, the worst thing is having to accept that no matter how much we do, sooner or later, we will all go to the same place. My thought about this is that we must be free, enjoy and be ourselves, from this wonderful woman I could learn that it is worthless to repress our emotions, it is worthless to try to be who we are not to be liked, if in the essence of each one of us, we are unique and original, there is no need to lie to ourselves thinking that we can go through life pretending something we are not.

In you woman, I can say that you really are wisdom in my path, to lose the sense of having lost myself was the slowest death I had lived, to be able to be born again and end the dark past in which I had become.

It makes me think what a dark lie I was living, being able to know myself better has given me the courage to say that I am not the same as anyone else and I don't try to pretend what I am not... I lived a bitter stage in which I did not know how good it is to be original.

To be able to recognize that I have been reborn again, is to be able to say that I did not know what it was to live, until this moment. That's how raw my reality has been, when I found out in the bitter mask I had on my face, no more, today I am free. Today I can say I have won this battle.

For those people who read my articles, a brief description

Like me, I know that there are many people thinking that they have known everything about life, thinking that nothing escapes them, well today I want to tell you and, if you find out that all your life you have lived a lie, that your mind knew how to move your cards, all for your welfare, this is normal, it is a process in which, In my case I suffered the loss of a loved one many years ago, my mind created an alternate reality, which led me to suffer a series of behavioral patterns that were not normal, today I am someone completely healthy, I had to undergo psychotherapy. It was not easy, I had to understand to enter into a process of acceptance, at the moment I accepted my reality, in that precious moment my life changed completely, I can not believe that for so many years I lived in different ways and thought unimaginable things.

We see so many people around the world trying to be something they are not, losing their essence and becoming cheap copies of more of the same.

"Though the road be in the weeds, though thy will be broken, though thy future be clouded" You are alive!

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Topics: Overcoming, Loss, Story