Splinterlands Strategies: Reward Cards..., Overprinted?

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1 year ago

It's been a while since I wrote a Splinterlands article. The truth is I don't write unless I have something to say, and for Splinterlands it's been a case of 'existing and waiting' in recent times.

Little has happened, but things are starting to happen.

I used to be an avid listener of the Town Hall sessions (now hosted on Mondays, sometimes at a bad time for the UK), but the more recent ones have been leaving me a little bored and underwhelmed.

If @yabapbatt is speaking then I know something is happening, and some of the other guys are really good talkers, but most of us want some action and less talk.

…’a little less conversation, a little more action please - Elvis Presley’

If you think this post is to shove out piles of FUD then you would be wrong. I have been relentlessly buying SPS, staking, buying cards, combining, renting, and even playing on one of my accounts.

...Yes, that last one is a shocker....

You see the rewards revamp is around THREE weeks away and I want at least one of my play accounts ready, and playing in the Diamond League.

Yesterday crypto rained blood and even though I should be used to the toxic rain falling it still hits me emotionally. Over the years I have learned to ignore this as I know the underlying product is sound.

...'SPS suffered much like everything else yesterday. Big deal, what goes down must go up (...or something like that)'''...

Splinterlands is 4 years old, it has lived through a huge bear market and survived. Yesterday was diddly-squat compared to what we saw through 2018 and 2019.

Embrace the sheer cheapness of what is on sale and embrace it.

…'Epic Reward cards at 27c; outrageously cheap, Djinn Chwala - what a card'…

One of the questions mentioned in yesterday's Town Hall was about the new reward cards that will be released to complement the existing ones.

‘Will the print run be less than the existing reward cards?’ – someone piped up.

@aggroed’s response was… ‘No, we don’t feel there is a need to do this’

The reason being is his vision of the future. Today’s player base is struggling to soak up the sheer amount of Venari Heatsmiths.

We all want more Heatsmiths, right?

A friend of mine, @onw who plays Splinterlands and someone who I have known since the 1980s, was saying the reward revamp will give us... 'even more of those cards that we already have lots of'.

Sure this is true, but the rewards revamp (if it works out), may attract a lot more players into the game.

...'You could be playing Splinterlands instead of wasting your life on games that give you fuck all back'...

What I see in the longer term is all those Facebook people who play those dumb games that give you nothing at all back wanting something more.

What if they were playing Splinterlands? The blockchain technology is possibly too difficult to grasp for most but Splinterlands seem to have gotten around that hurdle already, with usernames and passwords.

'Normal' people love Username and Password. That's normal.. Us, we are fucking wierdos.

The Facebook crew doesn't understand Keychain, or huge long keys. They also don’t understand that you own your assets; this is alien philosophy.

I feel ownership is key, and once that sinks in those Facebook games may ebb away in their minds and become a distant memory.

.'It may be daunting for new-users, but they don't need to use it right away'...

Attracting this audience would be a ground-breaker for the game, and gradually I see it happening.

The market is enormous and the game, while not exactly simple is not so difficult it can be grasped by someone with an average IQ.

The current set of reward cards are over-printed in today’s world, does that make them worthless?

If they were poor cards, underpowered and little played then I would concur. They are not, just look at today's Meta.

...'you think I haven't seen Reward cards at less than 2c before?, think again'...

I am keeping ALL of my reward cards, even Venari Heatsmiths, as tomorrow's Splinterlands may be radically different.

Be patient people, shit is happening, and have some trust in the team that has brought us a four-year-old game.

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