Sackboy's Adventure is Just Beginning

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2 years ago

A wonderful, colorful adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a ton of fun so far. From what I have seen so far, the game is kind of short, at about 10-15hrs for the single player mode. But if you play with some friends or online and do the different challenges, it could be 30+ hours of fun.

One cool thing about the game is all the different collectables that are scattered all over the world. These collectables make up your wardrobe so you can customize your character into some pretty cool costumes.

I just got this caterpillar outfit that I will be wearing for a while. It is crazy how much detail there is in this game and how cool the different textures are. The different lighting effects across the surfaces and textures is pretty cool looking.

I just fought Vex for the first time. It was a fun fight, but it was pretty easy.

When he was done talking, he blew me out onto some conveyor belts and that was where the fight started.

He would fling bombs out at me and I had to grab them and run up towards the front of the conveyor belts and throw them at him to damage him. You gotta be careful not to get too close to the spikes at the end of the belt, or get thrown off the end of it when Vex changes the directions.

Every now and then he makes flames shoot up from the belts as well. It was a pretty fun fight.

After defeating him, you get access to a rocket ship and have the ability to travel between the different worlds.

It looks like there are 5 different worlds to play through and I have just started The Colossal Canopy, which looks like it will be a tropical world with lots of green.

So far I am really enjoying the game. It is a very creative game with all sorts of cool enemies and world mechanics. The game is taking advantage the new controller and all of the different features that it has, like the gyros inside that when you tilt it, your character will move in different directions.

The music is also pretty awesome in the game. Since Sony has rights to a lot of cool songs, the game has a great soundtrack and the music interacts with the world in some pretty cool ways.

I am well on my way to saving the world and becoming a Knitted Knight.

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2 years ago