Protection of children's emotions from covid-19

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2 years ago

In times like the one we are living in, where the environment is totally hostile, it is vital to be able to protect children's emotions, especially when transmitting information that is possibly not accurate for them to hear, in addition to the fact that their cognitive maturity is not yet adequate and they are not yet prepared to receive such hard news.

As I mentioned before, a child's maturity is not yet able to understand social, economic and biological aspects. In such a case, whenever we talk to them we always refer to the virus with euphemisms, such as. Calling the virus "invisible bugs" or if someone is sick we refer to it as "malita". While it is true that they do not contribute to the knowledge of knowledge, we protect them emotionally.

In the last few days, the only thing we hear and talk about everywhere is covid, but are we really having contact with the children? We have to remember that they are also not studying, they can't go out to play and they can't go out to visit.... They cannot process all this in the same way that we adults do, being exposed to develop anxiety and fears due to the uncertainty, it is important to clarify that I am referring to children from 3 to 6 years old.

For this reason, it is important to dedicate time to them, to be able to have conversations where we can solve their questions, in most cases, therapists say that although children do not fully understand certain terminology, we must learn to have conversations with them in which they can do it, that is to say, in a language more appropriate to them. This will facilitate the attention process.

Some ways to enter into the language of a child, are the games where they develop more ability to interact, they can also do it through stories, although a story educates them as well as captures their attention, to avoid that these children have direct or prolonged interaction for so long on what is happening, would only aggravate things.

One way to protect them is to teach them to have habits that are in favor of their well-being, for example. Washing hands always, is not only that they learn, but they can also encourage other children that a way to protect us is to take care of ourselves, always emphasizing the importance of maintaining these habits not only at home, but also in restaurants, school and other places. Character must be forged from an early age, knowing how to protect oneself more than a habit should become a duty, it is not only to take care of ourselves, but to take care of the integrity of all those who live and have communication with the child.

Children in general are exposed to all kinds of germs, because they are always in direct contact with the floor and bringing their hands to their mouths, touching all kinds of surfaces and do not have the necessary hygiene. The same thing happens today with the virus, if it is well known the covid-19 virus does not affect mostly children, but it makes them transmitters of it, so to speak, the virus uses them as transport to reach other people.... And all because they have the least protection.

Instead of wanting to prevent the child from having contact with certain things, you should teach them what to do if they have contact with any object, as we mentioned before, knowing that they should wash their hands at all times seems a fairly simple habit, what is difficult is that they really make it a habit, so the importance at the time of wanting to convey the information, nothing better than setting an example.

We must remember that when our children are so young, their language is still developing and their learning at this stage is done through imitation. Being able to set a good example not only helps them to have a clearer idea of what to do, but I will do it exactly as we do it.

If we educate our children today, we could avoid scolding the man of tomorrow, a good foundation from home strengthens self-esteem, good stimulation, promotes greater development when performing any task, and these children end up being born leaders.

It has been a real pleasure to be able to make this review of the importance of protecting our children today more than ever. And the best way is to teach them the right thing to do from a very early age. Character is forged, temperament is hereditary. One does not work without the other, both are emotionally charged within each person. But while in temperament is inherited, it is the environment who finishes giving the touch to our personality. The realization of this blog is of informative type Happy day 🎇💕.

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