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As another Splinterlands season comes to a close in the coming days, I take a moment to reflect on the general well being of the scene. The notion, at least for now, is that the price of assets is generally affected by the wider crypto market.

The price of SPS in particular has been rather flat for a long time. This is perhaps pointing at what we should accept as the floor range of the token and I honestly don't think that it's so bad.

I had mentioned that SPS listing was announced on exchange and that hardly had any impact on the price of the token. Fast forward to a couple of hours ago, and the token is now officially being traded on the app, and again, this hasn't exactly positively impacted the price.

Looking at it on the surface though, isn't like most other crypto trading exchanges. Unlike Binance and the traditional platforms you use, offers a secure route to invest using your debit/credit card.

This doesn't necessarily give room for speculation and good old wash trading that could pump the token. Assuming SPS got listed in somewhere like Binance where there are buy orders and all that stuff, we'd have been seeing some crazy price action right now.

Exchanges like Binance would probably try to nick a little bit of profit from the token, due to the artificial pump from listing. That's a scenario that I can live with, to be honest.

Hive-engine price

Still on the topic of exchanges, the price of Chaos Legion packs has dropped even lower in recent times. The asset that managed to hold strong at $3, has now dropped to $2.8.

In the future, I think it might be a solid idea to actually just buy packs on the market and hold. The obvious disadvantage is that you will miss out on potential airdrops that in-game packs qualify for.

On the flip side, you still receive daily SPS airdrop and you can flip the packs in the future, at a much higher price.

Interestingly though, the price of vouchers has been above $1 for a while. It is currently trading around $1.6 and I think that's a fair price, with all things considered.

As long as you stake SPS tokens, then you're getting vouchers and they can be used for all sorts of purchases. I've mostly used mine to claim my bonus packs after I buy 100 CL packs in the game.

In the past three weeks, I've been able to accumulate about 16 voucher tokens passively. I almost forgot they even exist and that's the approach I also want to employ for the Chaos Legion packs I'm holding.

As I see it, Splinterlands is going to get bigger in the coming years, and you'd need to be holding assets to benefit from any major move. I believe that out of all the tokens and assets in the game, SPS and Vouchers have a special interest by the devs, and so, there will be a lot of activity surrounding the tokens.

Assuming my hunch is correct, it means that the two aforementioned tokens will most likely lead the charge, whenever the bull comes to Splinterlands. I can't speculate how high these tokens will get to but considering that vouchers have traded close to $10 before, it is not out of the question for them to get there again.

End of Season feeling

Anyway, the season ends in less than four hours and I've maxed out my league position. I feel really grateful that I'm still able to play this game that I absolutely love playing.

My main account has been working hard to increase the value that the SEED project receives, while I also use my other account from time to time.

The growth in my alt account has been slow but things will be getting better as the months go by. It was always going to be a long term project anyway, so there's no rush.

There NFT market has been flat for a while as well, so this means I still have room to get cheap monsters. My immediate plan is to get my hands on some summoners and slowly grow from there. A couple of dollars here and there should add some quality to my collection, so I aim to explore it.

I'm looking forward to the season reward chest as well. I haven't really been lucky in the past few seasons but eventually, my luck will shine through and I'll get the gold foil legendary that I deserve. A man can dream, you know?

Bitcoin Adoption is the rebrand that Central African Republic needs

Central African Republic is the second country to adopt Bitcoin and this is yet another piece of good news for crypto adoption. I'm particularly pleased by this situation because this is a country that is relatively closer to Nigeria than El Salvador.

The news hit the airwaves yesterday and has suddenly thrust the country of roughly 5 million people into the spotlight. For what it's worth, CAR adopting Bitcoin doesn't mean much in the general scheme of things though.

I mean, not to take anything away from the country but they have a total population of roughly 5 million people. On top of that, their GDP is about $2.4 Billion.

Central African Republic has the second lowest Human development Index and about 79% of the population lives in abject poverty. To put it into perspective, as at 2021, 40% of Nigerians live in poverty and I consider this place a hell hole.

Note that percentages don't tell the full story though. 40% of nigeria translates to over 80 million people, while 79% of a small population like CAR translates to about 4 million. This is probably why the news didn't exactly have any impact on the price of Bitcoin.

Central African Republic is a country that has been embroiled in a number of political issues recently. There have been a number of unsettling events concerning Central African Republic in recent times, and adopting Bitcoin will not fix them immediately but there's hope.

In any case, it will be fascinating to see how the adoption of Bitcoin will actually impact their economy. Perhaps, the country could join a short list of countries where people go to experience crypto tourism.

It's Global

I don't like politicians and cryptocurrency getting involved with politics will never sit well with me. In the case of CAR, I don't think politics is as much a factor than the potential of receiving a new source of income.

I'm pleased that the citizens of the country can now access crypto and live off it. This will open up opportunities on a global scale for citizens.

I can imagine there's a citizen, like me, living in the country and living 100% on crypto right now. That citizen will soon be a beneficiary of a crypto company like finance offering them debit card services that will make

Citizens in CAR, unlike Nigeria, do not ave to worry about being harrased by the police and law enforcements. Banks in CAR do not receive random sanctions from the Central Bank because they failed to report suspicious crypto activities.

For Central African Republic as a nation, this is an opportunity to delve into a new source of internally generated income. The country could accept tax in Bitcoin, hodl for 50 years and with proper management, we could see CAR become a world power.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin will be a major player in the future. In 50 years, we could be seeing the crypto industry become the most valuable industry with values reaching tens of Trillions of dollars.

In the coming years, we'll be seeing even more countries adopting Bitcoin and long term, we'll be able to gauge the impact that the decision has on the countries that adopt Bitcoin. On the surface though, it seems like a brilliant idea that could lead to major financial benefits for the adopters. Time will tell.

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