List of what makes me happy

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2 years ago

So have got a particular person who is so close to me and whenever he sees me sad would say, " Evelyn what is wrong with you, I guess you don't have money because that is the only thing that makes you sad"

Many times I cringe when I hear that but after evaluating myself consciously, I realized that he is often right. I look sad and depressed when I am broke. So in order words, money makes me happy.

I am always happy when I know I have some amount of money with me that I can call spare money that can be used any time and anyhow I wish to use it as long as my needs are met.

Hanging out with friends
My friends are dear to my heart, they are my joy givers and also they bring out that crazy side of me that few people know about me.

Having them around me or hanging out with them gives me so much happiness that I can ever imagine, they know how to make one forget their sorrow and smile because of their funny attitudes. If I am with my friends, I am always prepared to laugh till tears come out of my eyes. It's either we are giving ourselves names or we are talking about one funny person or another.

My Alone Time

As much as I love hanging out with my friends and family, staying alone indoors makes me happy. Most people say it isn't good but I don't know, I love my alone time than being in the crowd. That period when I get to stay inside and lock my door without disturbance.

I may not be doing anything important or maybe I might but as long as I am indoors alone, I am more than happy for that time and period because such time comes once in a while with the kinda siblings that I have who can not let someone rest in peace, I get so happy when such time comes my way and I spend that period judiciously.

I think I got that habit of mine from my dad and since I am an introvert partially, those period gives me excess joy.

Reading Books

Wow, I don't think I don't have anyone who doesn't know how much I love reading most especially romance, werewolves, vampires fiction stories. These books take me out of the real world into the fairy tale world where I get to do a lot of imagination with my small head and these things bring smiles to my face unconsciously.

I may not be good at reading other books which I have a lot of them but I am good at reading such books. Unlike other books, these authors have a way of making us see these things they are trying to let us understand even when there are fictional. They feel so real and feel there is a possibility of such things happening in the real world.

Watching movies

Well, this is another thing that makes me happy. Although I am very selective with the kinda movies I watch and I have friends who say they can't watch movies with me because I always fast forward movies and that is because if I can tell the end of a movie from the beginning, then I don't see a need wasting my time watching it to the end but notwithstanding, am a lover of movie and they keep me happy. I don't joke with that my period of watching movies.


I don't know if saying I am a heavy spender is right but I love spending my money although I don't go beyond my budget at least I am learning not to do so.

I love shopping for anything and everything that my eyes see catchy but most times I always regret doing that because of the realization of the trash I most times spend my money buying. They are most times the opposite of what I wanted or imagined or they are useless to me.


There is nothing as sweet as eating what I feel like eating without any restrain. I am not a food fan even though I eat, but there I times I see myself craving for a particular thing and the joy that comes with being able to eat that particular thing is priceless for me.

Most times these things are not even enough to satisfy my hunger, I just eat them to satisfy my mouth like sweets, drinks, ice cream, egg roll, fried rice, chicken, and any junk we can think of.


I cherish gifts given to me by people, surprise gifts, or whatever. It could be anything, I wouldn't mind but not a book because your kinda book may not be my kind of book. I would make sure to make good use of them until I am sure that I have used them enough to satisfy my happiness.

Thank you all for always finding time to read through my content, my happiness has no bounds when I see your comment, reblogs, and upvote on my articles. I pray that God bless you all for real.

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