In union is our destiny / A story to reflect on

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Hi guys from, I can say that at the moment you are the people with whom I have the most interaction, this quarantine does not allow me to go out and I don't feel like going out. Today I want to talk about a story of overcoming. The great thing about this kind of story is how everything happens and everything that people do to achieve their goals.

Jose was always a promising young man and from a very young age he showed great skills in analogy, writing and literature. He was a very promising young man with only 13 years old, he was already in his 9th grade, José was always a boy of few words, quite shy and introverted, he didn't speak more than the right thing, it was very difficult for him to relate, whenever someone started a conversation it was always about exam questions or about solving a mathematical problem, For many people José was always quite strange, he was nicknamed "Brainy" because of his great brilliance, despite not having many friends, José had a friend in common, he didn't study directly with him, Antonio was from another section but they shared the same tastes and had a very mature way of thinking for their age. José and antonio knew how to have fun times, only for them the fun was solving quite advanced maths problems, as well as getting their learning in shape by competing with each other. They knew how to stimulate each other. Although Antonio did not study with José whenever he had free time, they were always together, both had very clear objectives, about what they wanted to do when they became adults.

José wanted to be a system engineer, to be able to develop his own software, for José there was no other way to see his future than programming and developing technological tools capable of changing the way we see things. For Jose the path was not the best, his parents were very modest people, they did not have the economic solvency to help him in his studies and Jose knew that if he wanted to get to study what he wanted first had to get some money to pay for their studies.

José had a knack for technology, he knew how to repair almost any electrical equipment, so he started working in his garage repairing technological devices. On the other hand, Antonio had the economic capacity to study wherever he wanted, his parents had a fairly comfortable economic position, so he would have no problem when it came to going to university. Antonio knew about José's economic problems, so he decided to help him without any cost, for Antonio it only mattered that his partner could raise money and achieve his dream.

The path of these two young men was just beginning to come together, months passed and the two young men became very practical in electronic repair, so much so that they managed to make a fairly considerable clientele, oblivious to the door that was opening to both young men innocently did not realize the possibility that existed to open a business in a local own repairers. One day José began to think about his breakthrough in the repair business and told Antonio that perhaps they should think about opening their business together, as they would have enough financial solvency to be able to develop their dreams. Although Antonio didn't really need to do something like that, the companionship he felt for his friend made him want to keep helping no matter what, Antonio said to José, "That sounds like an excellent idea José.

Jose knew that his friend was not looking for money, but if he wanted to get to the top, their goals were different, for Antonio his goal was to achieve what his father, develop a company by himself. For this he counted on José, a young man with exceptional abilities. Several months would pass and José and Antonio were already on the verge of opening their business, then began what would be the common problem between these two young men, to reach an agreement. They had many unnecessary clashes so to speak but clashes nonetheless, something was not right, the lack of coordination between the two young men was leading to the business that was very new to have no fruit...

So, Antonio says to José, I want to buy you out, I don't see any future working together.

For Jose this was very painful, his friend and partner was determined to keep what they had both built with so much effort, Jose just looked at Antonio and said; if you want the business for yourself so much, then keep it, I am not going to lose your friendship that has cost me years. I'm not going to lose the one person who has cheated me through thick and thin.

Antonio didn't know what to say, his soul friend had given him a unique example of life that only those who truly appreciate and love do. Antonio doesn't understand at what point he lost the sense of everything they had fought for to get there. So he simply turned his back on José and left. Antonio had to think with a cool head about what had happened, so for several days he didn't want to go to see José at work. Until he made that decision. Antonio arrives at the business and looks for Jose, they both knew that for the good of the business they had to come to an end that would favour them both. Antonio says to him; Jose you have demonstrated to have the capacity to be able to lead a company, I want you to be the one who takes the management of our business. José wordlessly said to Antonio; I doubt I have the ability you say I do, but if you have enough faith in me to put all our work in my hands, I will not let you down.

Antonio had acted like a true businessman, he knew that his best friend and partner had the necessary capacity to be able to take the reins of the business, he knew that if he left his friend in charge of everything, he would not only have a partner, he would have his best friend as the undisputed leader of the business. In other words, he could bet his entire fortune on his business knowing that the man who was going to be in charge was going to give his all. It was a smart move for Antonio.

José began to lead the business intelligently, and within a matter of months they had to open another location due to the strong demand. With José's university studies nearing completion, he was able to use his knowledge and develop software that would take care of encrypting all the equipment data and then be able to restore it whenever he wanted without losing any data. Over the years Jose turned the business into the largest company in his country, a company that for many would be known as "Advanced Technology" for its high development in software, these two young men had to go through many things to get to where they were, but above all they decided to always put friendship before anything else.

Moral: for many people friendship is just wasting time, for others friendship is the way to great advances in our lives, we can help each other, maybe we do not have the same goals but if a common goal, we all want to reach those ends, united the road becomes smoother, I do not say easy, because there is no such thing, the truth most of the things cost and because they cost then we will know how to take care of it. No matter how difficult our objectives are, if you have partners talk to them, look for ideas, it is always good to have more than one perspective, so you can decide which is the most appropriate. But friends, in the Union there is STRENGTH♡

My story is based on facts, it's not entirely true, but what is true is that friendship comes first and then comes the rest. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES.

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I have brothers and sisters, but above all I have friends who are like brothers and sisters, and I trust them as much as I trust my family.

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Friendship is the basis of any society, being united is the best thing we can do as a society.

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