Importance of sports personality in childhood

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Whenever we try to describe certain behaviors the first thing we observe is the personality of the subject in question, we must bear in mind that personality is composed of traits, qualities and characteristics, which are specific to the subject, but conditioned by society. So, if we say that they are specific, we mean that they are exclusively of the person, and they are expressed qualitatively. In addition to these characteristics, we cannot leave aside others that are determinant, such as temperament and character.

When we try to make a profile, the first thing we look for are these characteristics, which are the sum of a unique and unrepeatable personality. Now, we must first talk about what temperament and character are and what they have to do with it.


My definition: it is the general nature of an individual's personality, based on the characteristics of the type of nervous system. In other words, it would consist of an individual's innate tendency to react with a certain style to environmental stimuli.

That said, temperament plays an important role in our lives. If a child is stimulated from an early age to play a sport, it does not matter which sport he/she chooses, the one he/she is most attracted to. Besides it is well known that a child's personality is in full development, motivating them in this type of activities will generate in them a greater receptivity towards the sport in question. It should be noted that the personality is not defined until the age of 12. That is why it is good that they have an early stimulation if they want to have more benefits in the long term. Now, because it is advisable to recognize what type of personality has a child, because according to his personality will have greater affinity to a particular sport for example, people who are extroverted or have attention deficit, it is best to train swimming.

It is well known that swimming is a sport that requires concentration, it helps to focus the person, besides the water relaxes the body, that said, everything will depend on the characteristics of the personality of each subject.

The more affinity you have with your personality, the more positive results you will have.

Another example, those people who have a more balanced personality that is to say that they like to socialize and have a lot of energy, but they are also somewhat closed and fearful. It is advisable to practice group sports, such as soccer, baseball, volleyball, so you can have a better development of his personality to have to socialize with others and be frequently in contact with other people.

If we talk about aggressive people, then the type of sport that is suitable for them, are those of fighting, can be karate, judo, among other fighting sports, are excellent for it, because they learn to have self-control at the time of having these impulses. Basically we must learn to know better the personalities of our children, for a future good, to help them to have a better performance, also the opposite happens, many fail, because where they should do more focus they do not do it and all because they do not know where to start...

If we talk about introverted people, they are more successful in solitary sports, because their little ability to manage with others makes them feel frustrated, it does not mean that they can not try to fit in another area, no, they can and if there are cases that can develop certain skills, but I refer at this time to where they fit better, this type of people can do sports, such as gym, athletics, even the same swimming.

Finally we have the people of extreme sports, this type of subjects are people who seek strong emotions, adrenaline and more... This type of personality according to experts, are people genetically predisposed to sports out of the ordinary....

While personality is dynamic, in sport there are two types of athletes, those who express their personality in and out of sport.

Athletes who express it inside: are those who transform their personality within it, either positive to negative or vice versa. (It will depend on the type of personality that the subject possesses).

And on the other hand, there are the athletes who express their personality inside and outside the sport, that is to say, their personality will always be the same.

Over the years we have seen how the personality of each person largely determines his place in the world, the importance of knowing yourself thoroughly and what has not yet done so is on time, you can achieve improve their conditions due to know the type of personality that manages, our patterns of behavior always go according to our most basic needs, it is the same with our behaviors, which will always be only responses of our temperament and character.

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to modify behavior? Well, yes, behavior can be optimized, improved, developed, replaced. With the help of a therapist and perseverance and perseverance.

The first thing is to know ourselves.

To know our weaknesses, defects and virtues.

Finally, we must change and little modify one characteristic at a time.

In conclusion, every exercise teacher or coach, must know in depth every aspect of their players, based on that must create a plan, to squeeze the most of the virtues of the subject in question.

Sport is undoubtedly the best strategy to mold someone's personality, as long as there is tolerance, affection and respect. Then the child will want to move towards whatever catches his or her attention.

No one should be discarded, there is always a sport for any personality. You just have to be patient.

Being able to describe ourselves is the first step to learn to accept our defects, I always hear people go into total denial and not want to accept when they should modify their personality for the good of the future.

In a normal session you can describe yourself if it is true, but going in depth is where we can see from a mirror what we really are, if you have not been to a psychotherapist I invite you, you do not lose. Nothing if you do not like it, do not go. More and ready, but it is an opportunity to be able to know us better to us.


This blog has been created directly by me, based on my knowledge and years of wisdom in the sports area. Greetings take care friends of

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