If the road is very difficult, then you are doing well.

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2 years ago

We should not rely on easy things all the time, we should not get used to that which costs us nothing, because everything that comes easy is lost.... I think most of us hear this kind of phrases, there is always someone who advises you that not always the easiest way is the best way, and today I will be the one to tell you this reality, if you ask me, I would choose the hard way always and not precisely because it is better, but because I have always liked to learn new things, live new experiences and face difficulties, it is that imperious need to measure myself.

Another word that has been mentioned for a long time in the moment that we are advancing in our lives is "get ready" now comes the good things.... Or "now you will know what is good", well to all that I say, I love it, because we must be hungry, I do not mean hungry to want to eat, but to want to learn more and nothing better than the difficulties, is where we learn more wisdom, friends life is open book willing to teach us that no one is born with knowledge, probably if with money, but we always see people like money and very stupid, this happens very often, if I were given to choose I would choose a thousand times the knowledge, because nothing better to have wisdom and experience, to money and a possible bankruptcy in the future ...

The reality is one, it depends on us which one we want to live, many do not endure this reality and prefer to live in a false reality, friends, companions we must be strong, we must have a little courage and confront our fears, because we are all afraid. Because to move forward means; to be able to move forward in spite of those fears.

Because when we know what our fears are, then we are being sincere with ourselves, and probably are the most solid people in the world, "those who know their fears, live the reality of their hell", totally with this phrase. We must know how to live the realities no matter how difficult they may seem.

Most of the time, we want what we do not need, and we look for alternative realities to the one we are living, a clear example, people who when they start working buy unnecessary things, if they are probably repressed desires, either by economic part or simply want to give luxuries. Which are unnecessary.

The truth is that going a little more to what is really true. In my country. The realities have changed, it is sad but it is so, life is expensive and poverty is increasing.

If some people find my words noisy, well, I will always be willing to have a conversation, as long as the conversation is healthy. I can tell you that I am a faithful believer that life is much more beautiful than it is painted, that days are all days, and that we are the ones who give connotation to each one, that no matter how strong are the situations that we face every day, we can always get out of them and also see the positive side. No matter how difficult it may seem, my only advice is, you who feel that you can not continue advancing in something, you who have decided to hang up your boots, to those who for some reason had no choice but to stop doing what you are most passionate about, do not worry, all is not lost, we can always find something that gives us life, we are responsible for giving color to the situations.

On the other hand, we must look to the family, I have always said that in the union is the strength, in my case I must always be grateful for the beautiful mother and grandmother that I had even though my father was never there, they gave me an excellent education, thanks to them I can say that I could graduate and what better than giving them a university degree.

I don't need to tell you how important it is to trust your family, you don't need to look for anything more than an ally hand, that always grabs you when you get a little lost. Who is always there even when you think you are alone.

Well friends welcome to my blog, greetings.

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