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Hello my dear friends of Read.cash after several months of absence I'm back, I really needed to share my lifestyle with you again. In order to help, motivate and even surprise many people who want to start training and do not know where to start. Whenever we want to define our body or lose weight, it is good to first think about what we are really looking for and how much we have to do to achieve our goal.

I like to be able to train either in the park at home or at the gym, no matter where I can I always relax training and like me many people are passionate about this lifestyle, as I know there are many people who do not know where to start or begin, guys I invite you to read my article maybe it will give you some ideas maybe motivate you and so you can start to carry your own routine that later will serve to regulate your health.

Today I was training at home, well taking advantage of the fact that there are scalars I decided to give it another use than the one that is usually given. A little cardio to help wake up those muscles is not bad. Every workout should start with a good cardio, friends you can not "put speeds even if the car is stopped" so we must first get our body going before starting a full routine, no matter if it will be a leg or biceps routine, it is essential to do cardio.

And why not? Follow after doing cardio, with a routine that strengthens our quadriceps, one of the most important in our leg are the quadriceps, femoral and adductors. If we constantly work these three muscles we may be able to have a good definition in our legs. There is always the person who does not trust himself and doubts that he can achieve benefits training in this way, well I comment and make the clarification that if he can, as long as he intends it and wants it, it is all a matter of fitness. We must be constant with all this training as well as with our diet.

A good training will depend on the care we take with our body, resting the necessary hours and eating the right way, maybe you will not only reach your goal, but you will be surprised to see that the biggest barrier was against yourselves.

In conversation with other colleagues are always present thoughts that really do not help at all, we must be more positive when it comes to do anything we want. In my case, even though I know that something is very difficult to do well. I think positive, I faithfully believe that positive charges attract beneficial things that's why I always try to be positive.

Sancadillas I like to challenge myself is a way to be able to take my body to the maximum, sometimes I know that maybe I did not achieve the maximum but I can try, but as I said before it is all a matter of fitness, perseverance. Many people ask me how do I get good legs? Train! Train! And train! No excuses, in my case I work all day about 10 or 12 hours of work and I get home wanting to train, it seems incredible but I conditioned my body and even having a very strong day in terms of physical wear, I still ended up training and giving the maximum when training and doing my routines.

The benefits of a life with training are many, releasing imprisoned energy after so much mental exhaustion in our work. It is very normal. Let's look for relaxation methods that help to maintain a good mental development.

This exercise does cause me pain but as it strengthens my gluteus, I love to suffer (good sense) to gain benefits clearly we must sacrifice a lot and without resting keep going. My motto has been that for most of my life.

This workout costs 4 reps in sets of 15 to 20. It's a little heavy but since I don't have a recommended weight then it doesn't influence the amount of reps much. That's why it is high and without much difficulty we can do it.

After each series I rest 1 minute and start again with another series of exercises.

Always between repetitions it is good to keep a good control of our breathing. In this way we avoid any major wear and tear and we can continue with our series of exercises.

I really miss being able to give advice and present myself to you as I really am. A woman who loves the army and the good life, fighting for what we want is the first step to achieve any goal.

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