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3 years ago

Hello friends of good evening, I hope your day has been excellent and productive, I hope to have your attention today, I bring a topic that probably seems trite, but as it is important today, It is about the family.

Here is my mother and grandmother

Many of us have to live from very small circumstances quite out of the ordinary, the role that women play, as mothers and in society... in my house, it was not easy, since I was a child my mother had to be father and mother at the same time, many of you will think, what is that like, well my mother had to exercise both roles, and if it is important and difficult to exercise only one, imagine both.

The truth of all this, is that thanks to her I have already completed 28 years, of which I owe her approximately 20 years which helped me financially, if they were many years, but well it cost me a lot to get out of my mother's skirt, on the other hand, going to the subject, I do not know why the female gender is still described as weak, probably times have changed and there is a mistake regarding the term weakness, and more in referring to women, I daily see how single mothers have to exercise both roles, and in addition to that also manage to study and get ahead, believe me anyone who can do all that has my respect, and more for the times that march today, that everything costs and you have to earn things by working very hard.

My mother and I

To say that a woman is weak is the biggest ignorance that anyone can comment, I have great respect for women and I believe that today many taboos should be broken. I agree that a woman has the cognitive and analogical capacity to exercise highly demanding functions, and I am almost sure that they would do it even more efficiently than many men.

I thank my mother every day for the values she has instilled in me, I thank my grandmother because she always had that advice that sometimes a mother does not have, yes, if my grandmother is better than a man to give advice, it will be because she is very direct, and likes things well done, the truth gave me the character and temperance that I have today. For me in particular, women play a much more important role than the one they are given today, and I believe that sooner or later this will end in favor of women, if you ask me why I think that, well, men have had enough time to exercise as the dominant and if it is hard for us to feel that it is a woman who dominates us, but if she does, it is hard for us to feel that it is a woman who dominates us, but if she does, it is hard for us to feel that it is a woman who dominates us. It is hard for us to feel that it is a woman who dominates us, but if she does, we feel comfortable. This happens because, believe it or not, our brain knows that those who gave us values and a lot of chaos were single mothers and that probably today they need a little more respect.

My Family

It is true that I cannot leave aside the role that men play in society, but as I said before, it is time for men to leave their arrogance behind and understand that a woman can also help. I like the case of Argentina, where they gave an opportunity to a woman, beyond where if her role was ideal or not, it is good that women were taken into account when electing a president, hopefully other countries will join and that women stop feeling less, If any woman reads this, it is time for them to empower themselves, to have the courage to face their fears, there are no borders beyond the mind itself, yes, our greatest enemy is always our mind, so it is time to show how capable they are.

Although the predominant culture is the macho, these paradigms must be broken and on them forge new, if new, we need new questions, we need new answers, all change generates conflict is very true, but change exists and since time immemorial have been given, why not a change of mentality, would be the first step, the second accept and understand that as a society we must be egalitarian, one color, towards a single direction, and no, I do not mean that necessary mind we are equal, I mean 1ue rules cover all by. Equal regardless of gender or sexuality. Where we all have the same value and it is necessarily monetary, because if the time comes where money will not be everything, there will be more important things. Can you imagine what will become of the most precious liquid in the world if it is not sufficiently cared for in a few thousand years, if there is no more drinking water, things would not change?

Probably yes, because everything is relative, what today we think is the only important thing, tomorrow or in a few years, will no longer be so, what today I think is so, probably in a while it will have another perspective.

I have sounded very ironic with all the above mentioned, but these are issues that will always cause a lot of noise, first because it is difficult for us to accept things, for the same reason that I said before, society has always been sexist, on the other hand, changing the culture is the strongest and longest work, if possible, secondly, we must be clear and fair, women deserve more support, women deserve to be taken more into account, thirdly, there is no being in the world more perfect than a woman, wherever you see her, even if you see her possible "defects" that is the best of all that makes her perfect, because that is what we like the most. ..

Yes I consider myself a faithful lover to the woman😍.

That in the future life, our next generations, may give opportunity to women, that we as future parents of these generations may be part of this great achievement, it will depend 100%.

Again thank you, to those who without knowing me stop in my blog, that if it is true, I am not at all professional, but I like to tell my way of thinking and see things, I know that many people will not agree with anything I say, I respect that and everyone has their way of seeing things, I just like to impose my point of view, if someone feels identified with it, perfect will be an honor to share a thought, for better or worse. It's just that, one more thought of a free mortal.

The chronology of the photos is not the same, they are photos of my authorship, taken from a Blue Advanced 5.0.

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