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3 years ago
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In a sea of sensations I can live my life thinking that everything happens but nothing happens, the days are passing and I am still waiting for a change, a change that may never come, to reach a goal seems quite difficult in the society we are seeing these days, we have become selfish, so much to the point that we are unable to help those who really need to be helped. The poor man who lives on the streets who tucks himself in cardboard and his bed is nothing but cold wet ground. He may have more goodness than many. It does not seem human to think that we are on the way to a cataclysmic devolution, though it is unlikely. If we are living in a completely apathetic society, we do not care about the welfare of anyone else, only our own, although we are going against our own principles.

Human beings are good from birth, or so say the experts. What is happening then? A credible explanation is that parents at home are teaching them in the middle what values are, this new generation brings with it great challenges, it will not be easy for them, because the world is not a safe place. And they are losing the sense of giving without expecting anything in return.

Another explanation may be the lack of affection, parents today prefer to have their children on a phone or tablet to spend time with them, this great damage is not only done to themselves as a family, society is who pays the lack of affection, people with lack of affection who do not really know what it is, go out into the world trying to be what their parents taught them. That the important thing was for them to be well, regardless of others.

The environment is a great determinant of the personality, if the person has a good education and values from the bosom of the family, will be prepared to receive external stimulation, that is to say, at the moment that they begin to interact with other people, continues developing their personality. The person tends to approach groups that will have similar traits or similarities to him.

In the colors of love, I would choose red, passion should surround us to make us understand that the solution has so many problems today is to be united, as long as society is united good things will come out ...

In a dark night, we can only see the moon that shines its brightness on our face, it tells us that no matter how much darkness there is, she is trying to take care of us all, it is not necessary to be very intelligent to understand that nature itself is talking to us shouting with speakers at full wind, that this pandemic is a challenge, that the only solution is the unity of all equally. Regardless of anyone, as a single organism until the end.

I have always said that love can kill us, but it can also revive us, those who have lost loved ones and, having fallen into an eternal night, have nothing left, alone and cold, in a corner of darkness, those who have nowhere to go, their only companion is the sound of rodents, a cold that freezes all bones, a loneliness that drives the healthiest crazy. Those who find themselves in a bed, with no one who can give them support and tell them that "everything is going to be ok" and others on the other hand living a totally different life and, are unable to think that they can donate some blankets those people who are in the streets, or be able to go and visit some sick person, no matter if they do not cosmic it maybe that person does not care if they know you or not, but just wants to be visited. Or the one who feels that he/she has lost everything, maybe he/she wants to hear just a few words of encouragement.

"Today we walk aimlessly, in the directions we are looking for there is no coherent one, everything happens for one reason, what we cannot change is our past, past we must let you go, I will bet on the future of the future."

No matter from where we can help, the important thing is to be able to try, it is not necessary to be a millionaire, it is not necessary to have a few pesos to spare, it is only necessary to have the desire to want to help, with that you can do everything else. To be human is to be generous, and the first step of being generous is not to be generous with your loved ones, it is to be able to help someone you don't know, no matter if you get something in return.

We can start part of the solution, we can start by doing good deeds, you don't need to be in the press, you don't need to publish it in the networks, because you just want to help without caring about getting something in return. Communism? This is a magnificent theory, the truth is that if it were to happen in practice as in theory, the world would be a different place. We all know it can't be, but it is good to be able to read, to educate ourselves, to understand so many behavioral patterns, the reasons for so many things. Do not stay with what you already know, search, become a book eater. Not to know a lot, but to know a lot, let's learn to use wisdom in the right way, we cannot hammer a nail by the handle. It's time to do things right.

"In a mystical place, challenges my joy, joy I feel to see you smile, smile I wish I could always see you, times that are going away and I can't find the way, way I will keep looking no matter how hard, hard things will come and I like it better, further I will go on and I will not rest."

Because if we rest we lose and it is not in me to lose, I will fight until many people hear me, read me, listen to me. We must become emitters of a new world.

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Topics: Blog, Family, 2021, Motivation, Future, ...