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2 years ago

So I go, going through life in the midst of storms, tears and despair, realizing that I go against my feelings and that is where love appears interpreted in reflections that destiny leaves me and I understand that:

I loved myself when changing the circumstances of my life was no longer an option, because knowing that they are positive or negative are part of my existential growth.

I loved myself when I accepted that I am so authentic and special that I don't need to change anything in me, for the simple fact of reflecting what I am not, since I don't need to prove anything.

I loved myself when I worked to achieve my dreams with small steps, without hurting anyone and also understanding that the circumstances to achieve a goal are given with California and without effort, so forcing them in the end will leave me exhausted.

I loved myself when I understood that luxuries are fleeting, that happiness cannot be bought, it is lived day by day with moments that allow us to reflect a smile on our face.

I loved myself when I accepted that humility is that seat belt that makes you feel safe and grounded, avoiding forgetting who we are.

I keep loving myself when I repeat to myself how exceptional I am, how much I can transmit and the great obstacles I have left behind just by believing in myself.

I am loving myself with each dawn full of learning that submerges all that I am in a process of metamorphosis where learning and unlearning is part of maturity.

After knowing who I am, in that instant I am preparing to Love others and continue to love myself.

There are two kinds of Silence: one that suffocates and suffocates, another that oxygenates, balances and harmonizes. There are two kinds of Tiredness: one tedious and sterile, the other full of meaning, rich and fruitful.

There are two kinds of Loneliness: one that even "accompanied" destroys, another that "alone or accompanied", edifies, plans and revives. There are two kinds of Work: one that enslaves and mutilates, another that enlivens, illuminates and liberates.

There are two kinds of Laughter: one that offends and assaults, another that cheers, enthuses and revives. There are two kinds of Look: one that degrades and mutilates, another that exalts, comforts and sublimates. There are two kinds of Relationships: some that annihilate and debase, others that achieve the 'miracle' of bringing out the best in us.

In short, in life there are "two kinds" of everything or almost everything and each one of us, from the bottom of our hearts, knows which "kind" of reality we decide to live with. Life is not given to us once and forever. Life is given to us every day, every minute, every instant. In our hands is the wonderful possibility of choosing the "kind" of Life we want to live.

Thank you very much for taking part of your time to read this, I am very happy, if you like it, leave me a comment and help me to share it so that it reaches more people, it doesn't cost you anything and it would help me a lot.


Now well says the title of my reflection All work generates an effort and all effort generates progress, well certainly my friends it is so and the greater the efforts the better the progress, we as reasonable and thinking human beings are the ones who decide how many limitations we want for our lives in certain opportunities to draw and achieve a goal, obviously there will also be some situations beyond us that will depend on third persons, but equally we must work hard, make the best of our efforts to achieve the goal set.

Sometimes it is not so relevant the position you hold in a particular job, but the effort you make to climb the rungs and thus get a better promotion.

When we perform a job let us put our hearts at our disposal, no matter if we are shoemakers, blacksmiths, carpenters, housewife, plumber, engineer, doctor, lawyer or movie actor, just whatever we have chosen to be, let us do it from the heart and always seek to be the best, let us strive to learn great things, teach great things and make this world a better world every time.

My dear friends, this is the end of my participation, see you in a new opportunity.

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